This activist unveils the hidden face of Chile’s avocado production

"Can you continue eating avocados which results from the violation of the human right to water?" Dried-up rivers, children deprived of water… Activist Rodrigo Mundaca tells us about the hidden face of Chile’s avocado production.

12/17/2019 8:04 AMupdated: 05/07/2020 11:40 AM


  • Luis R.
    05/22/2020 02:49

    I love avocados

  • Phil W.
    05/21/2020 07:49

    The same goes for Pineapples from Costa Rica I'm afraid don't buy them😟

  • Baba C.
    05/20/2020 22:40


  • Oksana Y.
    05/19/2020 09:39

    Stopped eating avocados. The health benefits and taste is not worth the price our environment pays.

  • Steven B.
    05/19/2020 08:14

    Yes absolutely 👍

  • Tugay S.
    05/19/2020 06:14

    das erwachen post

  • Gigi P.
    05/19/2020 04:06

    I love avocados but since learning about the bad practices surrounding their factory farmed production I have drastically reduced purchasing them. But I’ve saved pits and am growing my own as container trees! Zone 5b and 2 year old plants so far.

  • Arnaud R.
    05/18/2020 08:24

    ⚠ privatisation of water, privatisation of seeds ⚠

  • えら ラ.
    05/18/2020 06:20

    Not only that, the mobsters are killing ppl for these precious green fruits.

  • Jema C.
    05/18/2020 05:00

    Un valiente....👏👏

  • Walter C.
    05/18/2020 01:45

    I grew up with avocado trees in our back yard ....never thought it would cause this much damage to society

  • Jainina P.
    05/17/2020 20:01

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  • Dave N.
    05/17/2020 18:00

    problem = mass agriculture of ogm monoculture that take 7x more water + 12 other products to grow in a totaly sterilised soil ''anti-BioTop'' ...solution small scale natural agriculture at home of ancestral seeds ''polyculture'' ''BioTop''??

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