This British organisation is tackling dog fighting

Dogs forced to fight and rip each other apart. Despite being illegal, this bloody pastime is still rife across the UK. This charity rescues fighting dogs and help them find new homes.

04/04/2019 10:53 AM
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  • Mardi U.
    04/04/2019 10:56

    Stop this cruelty you damn monsters !!

  • Gavin G.
    04/04/2019 11:00


  • Noelia S.
    04/04/2019 11:12


  • Youri D.
    04/04/2019 13:22

    Okay I love brut and I hate dog fights. But normally facebook puts a filter over this kind of videos to warn for the content. Would be appropriate in this case

  • Baz K.
    04/04/2019 18:07

    Never love dogs nor wished to keep but hurt a lot to watch this video .In this materialistic soulless Era (final age)ppl have stones within chest and evil,darkness in minds.

  • Matthew W.
    04/04/2019 19:04

    these sort of people are as bad as peados in my view

  • Lynn A.
    04/05/2019 05:35


  • Remi C.
    04/05/2019 17:30

    The cunt should be put in the cage with them. Bet hes a nonce too

  • Ramon M.
    04/06/2019 11:57

    These are real cruelty to animals.... use dogs to earn bucks has no balls

  • Paula D.
    04/06/2019 14:13


  • Khadijah A.
    08/13/2019 14:10

    I see human but no humanity.... Heartless...!!!

  • Bibida F.
    08/13/2019 14:15

    Monstrueux a punir sévèrement bêtise humaine

  • Raynah T.
    08/13/2019 14:19

    Might want to add a graphic content warning....

  • Elma D.
    08/13/2019 14:36


  • Sri R.
    08/13/2019 15:18

    Boasted peoples

  • Spadey S.
    08/13/2019 16:02

    Let the dogs fight with the humans pitting them against each other

  • Matthieu L.
    08/16/2019 18:16

    Ses qui le plus fou le mec qui organise les combat ou le mec qui mets se genre d'horreur sur facebook ? Bref bande d'abruti

  • Jeana G.
    08/17/2019 04:46

    Sickening! These people are the lowest form of scum.

  • Lindsay C.
    08/21/2019 13:03

    This is so wrong why let dogs fight each other to the death

  • Laci K.
    08/26/2019 21:57

    Stupid you have to worry about this