This family is living an eco-friendly lifestyle

They grow their own vegetables, store rainwater, and make their own personal care products. This is how this family is transitioning to an eco-friendly lifestyle. Brut Nature took a tour of their house.

04/03/2019 11:16 AM


  • Pawan K.
    11/03/2020 00:10

    I like you

  • Emma L.
    10/31/2020 21:28


  • Tia B.
    10/31/2020 06:17


  • Aivi R.
    10/28/2020 21:37

    Goals 🤩

  • Paul P.
    10/26/2020 21:23

    Good on them for trying. Way more than any of the negative keyboard warriors here

  • Rollie L.
    10/26/2020 11:38

    Did I just saw tissue paper? I thought its an eco friendly? Asians uses water in bucket.✌✌

  • Alex L.
    10/26/2020 09:07

    this is you

  • Charlotte S.
    10/26/2020 08:46

    But if the climate warms and they get less rainfall then they won't have water. While it's fine for now it won't be practical in 10 years or so

  • Joseph C.
    10/25/2020 21:37

    they all look a bit jaded though!

  • Alexandra P.
    10/25/2020 21:08

    Omg just go back in the cave.

  • Pam A.
    10/25/2020 13:24

    To bad more of us can't afford such things. Government picked those who benefit the most from New projects and ideas. And then BRAG how THEY will live while others DON'T. NICE JOB. Nice ideas for the wealthy upper 2%

  • Elimu K.
    10/25/2020 12:55

    Hopefully this is an example of a family of the future.

  • Liam B.
    10/25/2020 12:51

    This is amazing and just proves with the right education people are capable of living an eco friendly life 👏 👌

  • Aemília M.
    10/25/2020 12:33

    our goal 😂s