This is an environmental success story

This is the story of a global awakening. In 1985, a huge hole in the ozone layer was discovered. Shortly after that, the whole world got involved. 34 years of efforts later, we can see the results.

11/24/2019 9:38 AM
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  • Shan U.
    11/27/2019 05:29

    Well done,, Mostafa Kamal Tolba 😍

  • Doug J.
    11/26/2019 13:26

    Yeah and now big pollution causing companies are doing whatever they can to ensure people dont back something like.this again.

  • Basudhriti S.
    11/25/2019 17:50

    More to go ...ban plastics, provide clean drinking water, purify the air, plant more trees, recycle waste and water

  • Helen M.
    11/25/2019 10:09

    We must do this again.

  • Gregg D.
    11/25/2019 09:02

    Depletion of the ozone layer was provable science. Now, its emotion and power that drive the radical environmentslist movement. Same people who call you a " science denier" will tell you a baby really isnt, and they will tell you there are more than two genders, too. Now, Pocahantos wants to lock up the people in the fossil fuels industry. You know, the people who keep a couple hundred million people from freezing to death this winter?

  • Κρις Λ.
    11/25/2019 08:31

    Aerosol hairsprays are so 80's

  • Sylvain L.
    11/25/2019 05:51

    Fucking bullshit

  • Scott F.
    11/24/2019 19:10


  • Nigel B.
    11/24/2019 19:07

    Note that ozone is a very unstable compound, formed by radiation from the sun ionising oxygen molecules, causing them to form the ozone molecule which breaks down again in minutes. During the winter months, when no sunlight reaches the Antarctic, very little ozone is formed, causing this depletion. However, as the sun reaches these southern latitudes, ozone starts forming again, closing the hole once more. Uually by early summer , the hole is effectively closed again.

  • Gilian S.
    11/24/2019 18:03

    I’ll never understand how this is funny to some people. ?

  • Chris A.
    11/24/2019 15:42

    Can a species be considered intelligent if it has the means to destroy itself and is willing to do it? We got lucky to have even existed in the first place. Whatever happens to this planet, whether because of our own actions or simply natural cyclical events, Earth will survive in some fashion. Extinction events have occurred numerous times and still life persists. In effect there is something to be deeply concerned about, it is our own welfare as usual. Will we survive and under what conditions? We were given Eden and most of us sat idly by while a handful have poisoned her to gain imaginary wealth. Do we really think we deserve anything now? Beggars can't be choosers.

  • Jason F.
    11/24/2019 14:35

    The Ozone was beginning to repair itself, but not any longer. The Nitrous Oxide is causing it to destroy again. Excessive amounts of Nitrous Oxide is being released by our ocean, due to the ocean being far too salty. Nitrous Oxide also from the use of nitrogen based fertilisers is removing the layer beneath the Ozone, which is allowing gases to destroy it. It is a very big concern for which nothing is being done.

  • Laurent B.
    11/24/2019 13:32

    That was before people started to doubt science.

  • John G.
    11/24/2019 12:08

    You can see a hole in the ozone but when someone says in 10 years the world will end it really isn't the same thing.

  • Luka O.
    11/24/2019 10:52

    There is ozone level but cannot be changed and it is all fake cga computer images only a fool can belive in this.They destroided good aplainces to make us slaves in to consumers for the industries.And what changed the climate geoingenering .

  • Peter V.
    11/24/2019 10:30

    Now to extend it to the environment emergency

  • Carl F.
    11/24/2019 10:01

    This is great, now for the treaty to sort out plastics, cleaning the rivers, seas n oceans and waste, poverty all these need the same attention!!

  • Souparno S.
    11/24/2019 09:55

    And now a orange shit leader is stepping out and mocking every environmental aspects .