• Brandon L.
    9 hours

    This is also NOT a discussion that feminists have a place in. They hate men so much that they abuse their own sons this way.

  • Chloe F.
    18 hours

    this is how we’re gonna raise vanilla bean 🥺

  • Aleisha K.
    21 hours

    Smh is all I'ma say🤣🤣🤣

  • Antonio F.
    a day

    I can't wait to have a child so I can exploit them for attention on the internet.

  • Abigail B.
    a day

    I think you’d be interested in this

  • Kyler K.
    a day

    Your child needs direction, I understand teaching fundamentals but you seem to be more of a friend than a mother, furthermore the simple fact that you stated that if more people would do as you we would see less rape etcetera proves that your intentions seem good but you have a control issue. Raise your kids how you want but don't dictate mine.

  • Sam W.
    2 days

    I love the facial expression thing. So important, especially to a good amount of men. A lot of women I know use their knowledge of facial expressions to protect themselves from usually men but in general anyone. I was telling my bestfriends bf about how a lot of women notice all the small things, facial expressions, body movement, hand movement and placement, threatening speech, etc. He had no idea women even thought about it.

  • Abbey N.
    2 days

    good stuff

  • Azsli R.
    2 days

    Today my adopted daughter who's 2 surprised me. We were having a cuddle and I kissed the top of her head for the first time. She whipped around like I hurt her and said "no stop it" . I said "it was just a kiss. Did it hurt?" She says "kisses go here (pointing to her cheek)say kisses mommy." I guess no more random head kisses. Apparently she was not ok with them.

  • Babie B.
    2 days

    I found this very interesting

  • Elizabeth R.
    2 days

    loveeeee this💗

  • Isha D.
    2 days

    Never understood the whole making kids hug and kiss people? People telling their kids someone will be upset if they don’t….or using physical affection as an apology seems iffy too. Or people picking up/touching babies without permission when visiting? Not your kid, back off!

  • Kaitlin M.
    3 days

    So what happens when my Daughter refuses to change her diaper lol

  • Savida C.
    3 days

    good mommy

  • Lacey E.
    4 days

    She is an idiot

  • Angel R.
    4 days

    Same goes for circumcision. It’s barbaric.

  • Andrew K.
    4 days

    That kid is going to be socially awkward for the rest of his life.

  • Jenny L.
    4 days

    I’m sure this has been said elsewhere, but same for tickling, relatives’ physical contact and any other adult engagement.

  • Megan E.
    4 days

    I'd like to see how this kid turns put and if he has any respect for his mom when he's older. Sometimes too much autonomy isn't a good thing. I really commend her for the physical and emotional boundaries she has set out. A lot more people could benefit from a lesson like that.

  • Jess S.
    4 days

    A video about consent