This small mammal could benefit from the pandemic

Could Covid-19 save the pangolins?

Species saved by COVID-19

What is a pangolin?

The pangolin, specifically the Chinese species Manis pentadactyla, is a small mammal that can grow from between 12 to 29 inches big. They have protective keratin scales all over their bodies and tend to hide in hollow trees or burrows during the day. These nocturnal creatures use their long tongues to eat ants and termites. Often alone, pangolin only interact to mate one to three times in their lifetime and only raise their young for about two years. This specific species is one of three critically endangered pangolin species while the other five range from endangered to vulnerable.

In the Gabonese capital of China, pangolin meat is still available on the stalls at this market. They are also highly sought after as Chinese traditional medicine believes that their protective scales can get new mothers to lactate, cure cancer, or cure asthma. The sale of this animal, the most poached mammal in the world, is illegal. BBC News reports that 100,000 are trafficked per year to China and Vietnam, with over one million trafficked over the last decade. Some even worry that pangolins will be specifically targeted for mass slaughter since the new reports show that pangolins may be the source of COVID-19.

Why is coronavirus helping them?

Suspected of being the intermediate hosts that would’ve enabled the transmission of the virus to humans, these small mammals could benefit from the pandemic. The sales of pangolin have decreased since the start of the pandemic. Over the last few days, Chinese buyers have disappeared. In China, the epicenter of the pandemic, the government has taken strong measures to curb the health crisis. In 2003, similar measures were taken to stem the SARS epidemic, but they were suspended after a few months. Other sectors are exempt from the recent bans: fur, breeding for zoological parks and traditional medicine. However, this sector should be subjected to stricter controls and quarantines.


03/21/2020 7:28 AM
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  • Chatter B.
    10 hours

    Chinese will eat them! There is no limit, what to consume, for Far East Asians! Isn’t that so! Also, they eat all kinds of scavengers, including whales.! Not to mention all domestic & wild animals..! Disgusting FKKRS

  • Rukhmani K.
    2 days

    So adorable. Who would want to eat them. 😖

  • Eric R.
    2 days

    this was the thing I was talking about.. the armadillo looking thing.

  • Israel N.
    2 days

    Si eso fuera sierto porque chingafos no dejan en pas a los animalitos ellos no tienen la culpa la culpa es de nosotros los humanos por ser tan ambrientos como son esos tontos asiaticos que asta los venden en mercados dejenlos en paz y ya no se los coman si es sierto que ellos tienen la culpa

  • Phil S.
    2 days

    Traditional Chinese medicine is wiping the creatures off the map as we know. I despair.

  • Elanes D.
    2 days


  • Yvonne V.
    3 days

    Can not blame the Animal one has to Blame the People who are exploiting these animals all over the World.

  • Nehru N.
    3 days

    Pocrkali dabogda, kad jedete i svoja govna.

  • Jeewan S.
    3 days

    I hope so. Maybe this is the animal way of fighting back. But they should have limit their attacks on the Chinese since they were the ones exploiting them.

  • Alla K.
    3 days

    Why don’t all these people just die out already... gosh

  • Doriel P.
    3 days

    LEAVE THE PANGOLINS WE can send you thousands of MONKEYS

  • Joshua C.
    3 days

    No but stopping the Chinese from eating EVERYTHING would

  • Blossom M.
    3 days

    We have fish, Chicken, beef, goat, sheep n ducks then why wildlife animals they should be strictly banned

  • Alfred H.
    3 days

    No! Isolation not the answer....

  • Mel O.
    3 days

    As I was watching this, a chinese knocked on my door!!

  • Hans L.
    3 days

    Actually not only pangolins, but the rest of the wildlife creatures. They should never be on our table in the first place. This covid pandemic roots to China, the land of epidemics... Let this be a lesson to us, never deal with China after this...

  • Gabriel B.
    3 days

    No one knows

  • Guy L.
    3 days

    No they will wipe them out creating another virus.

  • Felix O.
    3 days

    Lindo animalito ya q lo dejen en paz.

  • Edgars N.
    3 days

    What you don't fucking understand???? That shit virus is human made.... Open your eyes