Tourism in Antarctica is raising concerns

Selfies with penguins, wedding photos taken on the ice floe, vacationers taking a dip in ice-cold water… More and more tourists are visiting Antarctica, and threatening an already fragile ecosystem.

12/05/2019 9:33 AM


  • Lily C.
    12/31/2019 16:06

    esto es mas peligroso que el calentamiento global, donde pisa el ser humano todo se estropea...😠

  • Issei H.
    12/31/2019 10:06 ignorant and hateful we are

  • Fonjo G.
    12/31/2019 07:29

    chiness tourist are everywhere!!!

  • Malcolm C.
    12/31/2019 06:16

    They digging gold there and all sorts of fuckery...

  • Atal G.
    12/31/2019 04:02

    "Climate change is a hoax"

  • Kilad T.
    12/30/2019 08:26

    I believe a careful balance mot to bring more people to this area is important to ensure not to endangered flora nd fauna it's a delegate nature to bring people there.

  • Ian D.
    12/30/2019 04:55

    they dont care for the environment and animals, they only care for money and fame!

  • LuísVermelho L.
    12/30/2019 01:49

    WTF...stupid people!😠😠😠

  • Kelly A.
    12/29/2019 00:33

    There we go again 😓 Humans to destroy another part of land that doesn't belong to us, all to entertain ourselves🤳

  • Mary A.
    12/28/2019 22:50

    Yes, we need to protect our planet. One day it will be gone. Do only the scientists have a right to see it. Its really hard to get it "right".

  • Anayat S.
    12/28/2019 17:08

    enjoying less and destroying the nature with such easy access... garbage, plastic etc etc... tourism should be banned in these areas because it's a threat to the ECOSYSTEM.....

  • Susana B.
    12/28/2019 16:15

    Horrible ya empezo la destrucion de la Artartida a dónde llegan el ser humano es la muerte de toda ser que vivió a alli

  • John D.
    12/28/2019 16:09


  • Ly D.
    12/28/2019 00:09

    wellcome to pollution in antartica

  • Sheila M.
    12/27/2019 15:10

    Take time to read this. Thank you. Wag kang magpuyat. According to science, lack of sleep can cause being forgetful, mahihirapan kang magkabisa, your focus will be lessen, mas magiging bugnutin ka, you'll feel dizzy always and worse, it can be the cause of ur death. According sa science, napapalitan ng white blood cell ang red blood cell sa oras na nagpupuyat tayo, mas bumabagal ren ang ating growth hormone na nagcacause ng pagiging pandak. Our body will shut down kung apat na weeks ka na na walang tulog, you'll start to hallucinate and mahihilo ka lagi. Kapag mas lamang na ang white blood cell sa red blood cell, leukemia na yon. Ang pagpupuyat ren ay nakakacause ng kamatayan dahil nakukulangan tayo ng oxygen sa katawan na kadahilanan para hindi magpump ang heart ng maayos. Your circulatory system and nervous system ang maaapektuhan kung ipapagpatuloy mo ang pagpupuyat.

  • Simon S.
    12/27/2019 07:21

    antarctic ice coverage has been growing steadily

  • Angelou J.
    12/27/2019 05:15

    Those chinese seems happy, thinking they own the icy island... future: They will eat those penguins, sell the skin of the seels, get the eggs of the penguins for medicinal practises, and then they will say, "this is our culture!"

  • Karl A.
    12/27/2019 01:32

    Kuya parang yung pinag uusapan lng natin kagabi sa mga invasive species

  • सबिन र.
    12/26/2019 23:05

    Leave them alone

  • Damaris P.
    12/26/2019 20:03

    Que el gobierno prohiba el ingreso a estos lugares 😲😲😲😲

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