Trump Administration Revives Banned Hunting Techniques

Baiting bear cubs with doughnuts to kill them, shooting wolf pups in their dens… These are the hunting techniques that have been made legal again by the Trump Administration.

06/13/2020 6:52 AM


  • Maria M.
    08/12/2020 14:43

    WTF is wrong with this world? Have we not decimated the animal kingdom enough??? 😡😡

  • Ray-Ray J.
    08/10/2020 05:45


  • Irene V.
    08/10/2020 01:31

    Education about wildlife should start in schools.Make children understand that what their parents do is wrong and hunting wildlife should be outlawed.Killing creatures that can’t defend themselves is not a sport.

  • Giorgos C.
    08/08/2020 12:48

    Λαστ Last days in Office

  • John L.
    08/08/2020 05:18

    ban hunting. give room to the natural world. reduce the human footprint.

  • Sheila J.
    08/07/2020 13:42

    What can you do with a dead bear? What a ridiculous waste of the life of a beautiful, sentient creature. All they want out of life is the same as us - to be happy and safe.

  • Shireen B.
    08/07/2020 13:10

    What kind of people are these killing off all the wildlife - have they no thought of the future - one day there won't be ANY wildlife left and then what - are they going to turn on domestic animals for their idiotic cruel sport?

  • Jeanette L.
    08/07/2020 11:03


  • Jarad L.
    08/07/2020 07:56

    All of the people commenting here that saw an anti-Trump message and got on board must be avid hunters with real hunting knowledge, right?

  • Erum Y.
    08/07/2020 07:44

    Those who slaughtered the humans and never feel ashamed, do you think they will merciful to the animals?

  • Mig M.
    08/07/2020 04:51

    Thank you for sharing the correct information. More trolls, Brut Nature posts.

  • Wes F.
    08/07/2020 04:37

    I am a lifetime hunter (65), and never agreed with baiting, the use of dog, or the killing of wolfs or coyotes unless they are a direct threat to your livestock (not all are), using these techniques is not hunting it just killing. I still think they should be banned.

  • Chris C.
    08/06/2020 23:21

    If you hunt like that, you’re pathetic and probably deserve a bullet between the eyes yourself

  • Solveig F.
    08/06/2020 19:38

    Shame on you America

  • Dave B.
    08/06/2020 19:29

    Fuck trump

  • Ann S.
    08/06/2020 18:21

    Bait then trap the trophy hunters.

  • Pamela L.
    08/06/2020 17:12

    This is not true!

  • Cynthia K.
    08/06/2020 16:32

    Sick bastards who do this is not hunting

  • Franco A.
    08/06/2020 16:15

    Ya sacastes tu mascara defensor del partido corrupto demócrata asco de página

  • Coral M.
    08/06/2020 15:26

    I didn't realise that president Trump was president of Alaska and Canada as well