Trump Declares National Emergency To Fund Wall

Trump has decided to bypass Congress and blaze his own path to building the border wall — a move he’s criticized multiple times in the past.

02/15/2019 9:00 PMupdated: 08/07/2020 3:10 PM


  • Wyatt F.
    02/28/2019 19:24


  • Jimmie B.
    02/28/2019 18:44


  • Diana G.
    02/28/2019 03:39


  • Jeremy S.
    02/28/2019 02:48

    Good job MR. Trump. Keep up the good work! Got my vote in 2020🇺🇸

  • Miguel S.
    02/28/2019 01:25


  • Joseph M.
    02/27/2019 23:54

    Obamacare..?? 🤔

  • Malcolm E.
    02/27/2019 22:21

    Its funny because he said all of that when Obama was president and here he is signing executive orders like pay checks and his supporters agree with him smh lol you just can't make this stuff up. This man makes his supporters and himself look dumb at every turn

  • Osvaldo R.
    02/27/2019 05:32

    what do you think

  • Carlos R.
    02/27/2019 04:28

    say wut?? 😂

  • Osvaldo R.
    02/27/2019 03:35

    what do you think

  • Raymundo V.
    02/26/2019 21:12

    It's confusing.

  • Jason K.
    02/26/2019 18:32

    Trump does it to help Americans when Obama did it was hurting Americans big difference

  • Todd A.
    02/26/2019 15:58

    Liar, hypocrite, con man, thief. What did anyone expect? You knowingly elected a douchebag, and a would be used car salesman, as your President. I say “would be used car salesman” because that’s what he would be if he hadn’t received over $400 million from his rich daddy. Make America Smart Again.

  • John J.
    02/26/2019 15:28

    Declaring a national emergency is COMPLETELY different than executive orders... also hes well within his constitutional authority to do so.

  • Dev K.
    02/26/2019 13:14

    Wait a minute XD.

  • Karlita R.
    02/26/2019 01:46


  • Tony R.
    02/25/2019 23:20

    Trump is correct 110% I will standby and him every day we need the wall and if you don’t think so take the locks off your house morons

  • Chris F.
    02/25/2019 10:13

    Do what you have to do to get things done. People all outraged because they don't know what it's like to have a president with a back bone. GO TRUMP. Build that wall

  • Cheryl R.
    02/25/2019 05:53

    He wants to win in 2020 so that he doesn’t go to jail in NY if he loses!

  • Tom C.
    02/25/2019 05:11

    America deserves the security of the wall! Build America’s Wall now!

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