• Latham L.
    09/15/2017 18:41

    All these angry emojis have ppl coming off as self righteous children...where's the anger over the victims lossed snd their families pain? Where's the anger over the root cause of these atrocious events?

  • Allard A.
    09/15/2017 19:07

    Stop it you scum bag traitor just stop

  • Ian S.
    09/15/2017 19:55

    Why is that a bad thing? After terrorist attacks the president tries to push for a travel ban on places where some of these terrorists come from...seems perfectly reasonable to me and I don't even support Trump.

  • Jeb R.
    09/15/2017 20:02

    Your racist ban will never work. Just shut up already you orange POS

  • Sofia A.
    09/15/2017 20:19

    He is so quick to condemn the travel ban whenever something like this happens. Sometimes I wonder if he could be behind it.🤔🤔🤔

  • Korah C.
    09/15/2017 20:23

    If only he denounced white supremacists and neo-nazis as quickly 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Nick K.
    09/15/2017 20:38

    to those who have been injured I hope a speedy recovery.

  • Laila J.
    09/15/2017 20:39

    Do we know who actually did the attack? Maybe I'm stupid.... but it sounds to me like an agenda is being pushed before the real information has come out

  • Michael R.
    09/15/2017 21:17

    And he was quicker to rant about this than the fucking Nazis in Charlottesville. Imagine that.

  • Dominique L.
    09/15/2017 21:30

    Supportting the travel ban makes you an american

  • Valeria F.
    09/15/2017 22:03

    Trump only cares about promoting "his" racist agenda with no regard for the circumstances!!!! So tired of seeing this clown!!! I wish the media could stop mentioning anything about this egotistical creep for 24 hours!!!

  • Albador D.
    09/15/2017 22:21

    And government used fatal accident of not using a motorcycle Helmet to pass legislation requires bikers to have helmets. You guys don't know why laws are made and exists... idiots.

  • Luis F.
    09/15/2017 23:59


  • Luis A.
    09/16/2017 01:08

    lol why is soudi arabia not in the bn

  • Missy N.
    09/16/2017 01:09

    Not a single post about the attack or the victims, only hate for Trump. Shows where people's priorities are.

  • Cipriani P.
    09/16/2017 01:14

    Such an embarrassment to America

  • Henry A.
    09/16/2017 01:25

    Has anyone one else thought about the fact that we haven't had significant attack here in the u.s since trump took office. How many were under Obama?

  • Sam D.
    09/16/2017 01:39

    Every president/government uses terror to limit freedom. Trunps not the first, last, or only one to do this

  • Lee K.
    09/16/2017 02:55

    Donald is one ugly son of a bitch 😂😂

  • R.j. M.
    09/16/2017 03:05

    No Saudi Arabia tho even though their solely responsible for 911 makes complete sense