• Kasey L.
    09/25/2017 19:48

    They are one of the cutest little baby's in nature I think☺ I wish I could go and help them get better. Poor little things God put animals on the earth first so when people kill animals there going to Hell for it that's my opinion.

  • Priyal G.
    09/25/2017 08:18

    kitne cute aur pyaare hai awww😔 and look at their sad eyes 😔😞

  • Jean V.
    09/25/2017 01:30

    They're not pets they should be with their own kind and especially with their mother.

  • Valentina G.
    09/24/2017 15:05

    This is why having wild animals as pets is not ok 🙂 it doesn't matter if you treat them well, the things people do to get that "pet" to your hands. They will kill for the money you will pay for the animal, so stop thinking its cute to have them as pets.

  • Flavia C.
    09/24/2017 00:38

    My favorite creatures ❤️🙏

  • Élodie-Louise R.
    09/24/2017 00:26

    so cute

  • Martin E.
    09/23/2017 18:35

    People always fucking shit up

  • Muthu S.
    09/23/2017 17:25

    There are several dark realities behind these traffickers and they made many animals as critically endangered 🙁

  • Magaly G.
    09/23/2017 17:24

    Poor babies!!! They are adorable how can people do that. 💔

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