• Keela P.
    01/27/2018 22:32


  • Sunil K.
    01/17/2018 11:21

    pakistan people like dancing bear ?? i thought they only like wepons

  • Tran C.
    01/17/2018 06:49


  • Susan G.
    01/15/2018 09:17

    These people are so primative this awful way of treating these poor bears let's put rope through these people's noses and pull them around and let's see how they like it THIS MUST BE BANNED NOW

  • Luca Z.
    01/15/2018 07:39


  • Julia J.
    01/15/2018 00:20

    Thankyou for rescuing them ❤️

  • Heirzo Z.
    01/14/2018 22:40

    And the most frustrating thing is that people in this modern world are more concerned about futile rights, women rights... I'm a feminist man, but sorry the whole world protest against misogynistic words, and forget that there are hundreds of billions animals that suffer and die for really nothing, and that our planet will collapse in not more that 100 years. I mean WAKE UP humains, we're dying, and we are killing this miraculous planet, our only opportunity in this fucking universe right now. WAKE UP. !!! Ps: sorry for the English, it's not my native language.

  • Mark M.
    01/14/2018 12:44

    not a shit hole country

  • Getzova D.
    01/14/2018 10:31


  • Joke H.
    01/14/2018 10:25

    This is zo sad 😓

  • Jacky R.
    01/14/2018 09:09

    My heart cries this is so sad the poor big animal! 😭

  • Emm A.
    01/14/2018 07:43

    It's not happening in Pakistan specifically if u talk about bears.... but still there are peoplw who capture the monkeys but luckily they don't pierce them ans feed them propperly and train them to act... ams i think it's really brutal. This need to be stopped.

  • Suzanne P.
    01/14/2018 05:12

    Thank you for rescuing then

  • Grant H.
    01/14/2018 04:54


  • Chaitu K.
    01/14/2018 04:07

    Poor souls...😥

  • Cheree M.
    01/14/2018 03:32

    Omfg why would they keep them from being able to eat or drink, sick

  • G-one R.
    01/13/2018 23:23

    Ddont think its from Nepal but feom india

  • Iko T.
    01/13/2018 22:48


  • Joseph R.
    01/13/2018 21:33

    That is one of the main problems with wildlife conservation: lack of enforcing existing laws. This was banned 44 years ago, yet there was so little enforcement it will allowed to continue that long.

  • Abid M.
    01/13/2018 20:00

    Leave nature alone 😠😠😠😠😠😠

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