UN Secretary-General speech about migration

ICYMI: With anti-immigrant sentiment raging across the world, the UN Secretary-General stepped up with a plea for tolerance and "social cohesion."

02/09/2018 6:02 PM


  • Neba J.
    08/01/2019 07:45

    CORRUPT Antonio Gutierrez must be fired.

  • Pierre A.
    09/25/2018 20:41

    Hear hear !!

  • Vivian R.
    02/19/2018 15:27

    And it all starts with the people at the top if you take care of your people's they would take care of your nation.

  • Cassandra W.
    02/17/2018 03:30

    If everyone sent in DNA, they'd realize we are all products of thousands of years of migrating. A little of this and a little of that...we adapt.

  • Shawn K.
    02/16/2018 20:32

    Amen brother. We are all human and deserve equal rights and equal respect. We all should thrive and grow TOGETHER.

  • Justin O.
    02/16/2018 16:47

    We have week leaders now and until we start electing strong leaders we will not solve the problem. Compassion is strength. Humility is Strength.

  • Cindy M.
    02/16/2018 03:54

    The global elite. A very important distinction.

  • Manuel C.
    02/16/2018 03:23

    Tu diles al cabo no te hacen caso, ya no se acuerdan cuando nuestros antepasados llegaron a diferentes países bien mal, y cuando ya se hicieron de algo ya no quieren convidar, porque los humanos así somos muy egoístas...

  • Carmen P.
    02/16/2018 02:01

    But also those refugees need to be respectful of the adoptive country's traditions and culture and people.

  • James H.
    02/15/2018 11:57

    has anyone else noticed no one is escaping white countries? Only people of color escaping to white nations.

  • Lopez H.
    02/15/2018 02:55

    We didn't speak against evil on time, then we deserve its Wrath.

  • Lopez H.
    02/15/2018 02:53

    Are you expecting them to come here, bring you flowers and cheer to this corrupt systems filled with sheeps that follow empty leaders who only want make america great or gain power and Destroy countries, entire countries??? THIS SYSTEM IS EVIL AND WE FAIL TO SEE IT, THAT'S OUR FAULT.

  • Lopez H.
    02/15/2018 02:48

    How many million lives have been lost because of this Wars we as a society created???

  • Lopez H.
    02/15/2018 02:47

    How can you wellcome some one whom country you have just destroy it,

  • James L.
    02/15/2018 01:35

    The problem is trumpism and conservatism, the scourge of humanity, warmongering greedy people with racist tendencies.

  • Alonzo C.
    02/14/2018 22:36

    God bless you Ernie,well said well said. We are disrespected from the moment they cross our border illeagally.

  • Alonzo C.
    02/14/2018 22:31

    My solution is everyone stay at home and give your energies to solve your problems at home. Somebody allowed it to happen!!!!

  • Daniel B.
    02/13/2018 07:41

    You can dislike even hate or maybe want to kill the messenger if you like!!! But!!! The message remains true!!!😎

  • Luther R.
    02/13/2018 06:00


  • Jeffrey L.
    02/13/2018 00:49

    White American comments just make you cringe... It be the poor whites too

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