Venezuela zoo animals are being killed to feed other animals

Hit by a food shortage, this zoo is killing its most emaciated animals to feed other zoo animals.

02/28/2018 7:51 AM


  • Carol Y.
    10/01/2019 08:31


  • Janina V.
    05/06/2018 19:28

    Je to hnus co lidi dokážou proč brát zvířatům svobodu co nám udělali že se k nim takhle chováme

  • Jeanette F.
    04/16/2018 20:24

    Pay Pal might be a way, I can take checks made out to Brenda Jean Meighan and forward them to her, at the UN in Venezuela Jeanette French 6672 Buckingham Ct Norcross, GA 30093 I will send you a receipt and detailed info on the usage

  • Jeanette F.
    04/16/2018 20:14

    I am sending money thru the UN in Venezuela will keep you posted on how to do this....

  • Jason C.
    03/27/2018 20:01

    Yet the human species will spend billions of dollars throughout every culture for nuclear weapons but we can't feed five bucks a day for an animal? Humans are such a joke

  • Tafari N.
    03/24/2018 07:59

    Release the animals as*holes

  • Maria I.
    03/23/2018 20:46

    Rescue them !

  • Michael J.
    03/22/2018 19:06

    This is what socialism does kids. Remember this.

  • Barbara M.
    03/21/2018 18:31

    What can be done to help those animals?

  • RC L.
    03/21/2018 14:35

    This is fucking wrong on so many levels is there no one that can save these animals they didn’t ask to be put behind bars , there innocent but yet once again humans fuck em . Get another zoo to pick them up or let them free for fuck sakes don’t let them starve to death worst fucking way to die I fucking hate people ...!!!!!!

  • Amanda P.
    03/11/2018 06:48

    Wtf! Despicable

  • Altaf G.
    03/09/2018 12:49

    Why put them in the cage first place then you starve them people should not go to the zoos this promotes this non sense

  • Sally A.
    03/05/2018 19:30

    Can’t believe this is going on! How can this be happening. I have emailed the born free foundation, perhaps everybody could do similar and raise awareness with any other charities they can think of? There’s surely strength in numbers.

  • Leslie F.
    03/04/2018 18:40

    Omg! How can they do this? This is disturbing! 🤬😡😭😩😫

  • Elise S.
    03/04/2018 06:22

    Send them to a better home by god this is cruel 😡😡😡

  • Samantha F.
    03/03/2018 22:49

    Why dont they just shut the zoo and transfer the animals elsewhere? The solution seems simple enough. Delusional, just admit to a crisis and take responsibility!

  • Cortez R.
    03/03/2018 20:49

    Do they have a website to donate funds?

  • Ruth R.
    03/03/2018 11:04

    he doesn't look like he is starving

  • Lucy M.
    03/03/2018 00:36


  • Rose A.
    03/03/2018 00:11

    Animals should never have been in their in the first place.

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