Viral videos are taking a toll on slow lorises

"Tickling a slow loris is actually torturing it" These videos have gone viral, and they're causing unimaginable suffering.

05/16/2018 6:37 AM
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  • Starry S.
    06/04/2018 08:20

    what's wrong with you human?!

  • Leslie S.
    05/29/2018 13:17

    Fuckin sick do this to people

  • Leslie S.
    05/29/2018 13:17

    So sad

  • Michael S.
    05/29/2018 11:48

    O my God can't we leave anything alone got dam man is so fucked up.

  • Salma T.
    05/29/2018 06:48

    We are the assholes of the planet.

  • Diana B.
    05/29/2018 03:53


  • Betty M.
    05/29/2018 02:55

    People like that somebody should take out in the country and pull all their teeth out the same way and torture them really bad I just leave them to die that is so cruel there's no sense in that they have a place in hell I hope somebody shoots them

  • Merri A.
    05/28/2018 22:53

    The only animals I will ever have are those who adopt me. The domesticated homeless. I have found good homes for 3 dogs, 5 cats, and still have 7 cats. 4 of them have been with me for so many years I would never adopt out unless I died. They already have homes in that event. I love animals and all beautiful creatures on Earth. There are some that can keep their distance though! 😉

  • Susan B.
    05/28/2018 21:58


  • Steve O.
    05/28/2018 21:07

    Death to any poacher right on the spot!

  • Helen G.
    05/28/2018 20:38

    Makes me so mad

  • Sharon K.
    05/28/2018 18:18

    Thank you for informing us!!

  • Kathy P.
    05/28/2018 14:49

    Let them live...FREE!!! Why do humans feel they can take whatever they want???

  • Connie C.
    05/28/2018 14:47

    This is awful! WTF?

  • Stephen F.
    05/28/2018 10:40

    Ignorance meets the quest for attention on an increasingly cruel merry-go-round, the clips shorter, flicker past faster and faster, as we learn less and less. It's an endless monstrous mess.

  • Michelle B.
    05/28/2018 04:45

    Poor babies please people leave nature alone

  • Scotty W.
    05/28/2018 04:32

    The person pulling the teeth with pliers from a slow loris. Imagine what I’m thinking. I had no idea of the horrible decline of this primate. It looked terrified with its arms in the air. There must be a boycott on trade of this innocent little animal. I’ll sign the petition.

  • Lydia W.
    05/28/2018 04:28

    Damned humans.

  • Sheena S.
    05/28/2018 00:54

    I couldnt finish the video after I saw them cutting that poor babies teeth. Like wtf?! Humans are an effig DISEASE. A VIRUS. WE MULTIPLE, SPREAD, CONSUME, DESTROY AND REPEAT. Utterly awful.

  • Kelly B.
    05/28/2018 00:24

    Poeple suck