• Sohail A.
    12/03/2018 15:52


  • Chano L.
    11/26/2018 00:30

    What they believe: If you leave the religion, they must kill you. Child brides as young as 9 years old. Honor killings. The killing of homosexuals. Their so-called god will not accept any other religion except theirs. The religion will take over the world. Christians and Jews come from apes and pigs đŸ· The end time will not come until all the Jews are slaughtered and cast into the sea. Their profit took a flying donkey to heaven. He also split the moon in two. He is the perfect man and they must emulate him. He had 11+ wives and Sex slaves. He was a murderer. He married a six year old and had sex with her when she was 9 and he was 51. This is just for starters.

  • Nay L.
    11/25/2018 20:04

    Keep it up

  • Logan T.
    11/23/2018 19:57

    It’s time to assume not all Americans are islamaphobic

  • Antonina R.
    11/23/2018 19:07

    Give me a break! Islam is a evil government!! We already have a government! So go away

  • Bryii R.
    11/22/2018 23:54

    But Muslim countries kill any other religion people no good

  • Casey A.
    11/21/2018 12:05

    I'm more scared of Christians. The crusades

  • James M.
    11/20/2018 09:57

    When the so called moderate muslims start joining the world by calling out extremist in their neighborhood and mosque. Maybe then we will accept. Cant have it both ways

  • Jeff R.
    11/19/2018 13:34

    Islam is a terrible ideology. The people that believe in Islam deserve better. Religions overall are ideologies based on faith, not evidence and are often used to discriminate, to divide, and to shame people for being human. Muslims are human beings who deserve to be treated as human beings just like anyone else. But their confused ideas about what is culture and what is Islam destroy their intentions. I know Religious people are often more moral than their Gods. I know that most Religious people are good people. I also know that "moderate" muslims, or "moderate" Christians ignore the truly cruel doctrines that sit in black and white within their holy books. But why do they continue to place value on these hurtful and immoral books? If I knew I'd be a better man.

  • Omed H.
    11/19/2018 13:16

    listen man if u r muslim just don’t live in a country that hates muslim that’s all problem solved. go and live in ur country , don’t go vlog about it u can’t change anybody’s mind

  • Johnny B.
    11/19/2018 11:23

    The free world is secular and religion will die in the future.

  • Anto M.
    11/19/2018 08:16

    Lol. First tell those muslim countries to be more open minded. Then talk about other countries. Cribbing about another country has become the trend.

  • Andre P.
    11/19/2018 06:09

    At least in America you don't get thrown in prison for not being a Muslim & proud of it.

  • Ashiza S.
    11/19/2018 05:32

    Oh, honey, I have been harassed for being Muslim my whole life.

  • Shah R.
    11/19/2018 02:11

    Your man Manal Assaf

  • Lorin H.
    11/19/2018 01:50

    Everyone has a story to tell and everyone wants to feel they are part of a community.

  • Elma D.
    11/19/2018 00:47

    I got jail and harrassed if I'm an atheist in muslim world. So?! How does it feel when the table turn???

  • Manal B.
    11/18/2018 22:54

    Look at this cutie !! 😍😍😍

  • Tony K.
    11/18/2018 22:33

    Islamophobia. A word invented by fascists, and used by cowards, to manipulate morons.

  • David C.
    11/18/2018 22:02

    Good for this kid!

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