• Angela M.
    07/14/2018 04:07

    and this looks like fun !

  • Laurel H.
    06/24/2018 03:03

    I was here when I was in college and it was amazing

  • Marta K.
    06/14/2018 00:07

    can we visit here together?!? :D

  • Patricia G.
    06/07/2018 10:41

    It was a most fascinating place.. loved it... found Turkey incredible to visit and its history was amazing...

  • Maite A.
    06/01/2018 21:51

    Pero los turistas...

  • Felicity H.
    05/13/2018 03:48

    So I've bathed where Cleopatra did!

  • Stefan F.
    05/10/2018 19:58

    There is in Hungary and Italy to.

  • Jane K.
    05/07/2018 09:13


  • Pamela R.
    04/30/2018 21:09

    Been there. Amazing.Awesome.

  • Vladimir T.
    04/28/2018 21:19

    Pamuk kale.......brilliant but it was 50 degrees in 2001 when we went there.

  • Alan S.
    04/25/2018 14:43

    Been there it is simply magnificent. The sping pool is way ovr priced.

  • Ros D.
    03/20/2018 09:17

    Fantastic nature 💫 Also hoping they are protected ??

  • Jill M.
    03/20/2018 07:15

    Beautiful x

  • Timothy N.
    03/19/2018 13:41

    I hope these are protected. The first few frames show humans walking on them. They need to be protected from the human impulse to destroy. Please get people off them.

  • Juhani K.
    03/19/2018 09:16

    Visited Pamukkale years ago. It was in August and there was very little water in the basins and the hillside was not quite that white in color... But still it was a great experience. We actually did rent a room on the top of the hill and we could go in a hot pool outside straight from our room and watch the sun go down on the other side of the valley. For history lovers there is a lot to see too on that area.

  • Md S.
    03/19/2018 07:23


  • Alexandre M.
    03/19/2018 01:48

    I don't remember you listing this place when I asked you the musts from your country. It's amazing!

  • Rikke G.
    03/18/2018 19:19

    😍😍sen dét vil jeg gerne med dig ❤️😘

  • Huma N.
    03/18/2018 19:19

    Wonderful Beautiful MA 💝😍😍

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