What does the war in Ukraine have to do with U.S. oil?

The fossil fuel industry is using the war in Ukraine as an excuse to push for more drilling and less regulations. Brut talked to NRDC about what this could mean for our planet. This video has been produced in partnership with a brand

05/12/2022 4:57 PM


  • William T.
    2 hours

    Sorry but until you come up with a rock solid plan to transition to green FOR EVERYONE, talk to the hand!

  • James D.
    2 hours

    The us does it better and cleaner, definitely the lesser of two evils untill we get renewable energy figured out

  • Ross T.
    2 hours

    Regenerative Agriculture and Permaculture for the win. Get educated. We can’t negate fossil fuels or coal. It’s because of ignorance these things are continuing to be spread. Like planting trees. No grasses cover more greenhouse gas storage. Another is stop tilling the soil.

  • Mark M.
    2 hours

    They are purposely not drilling to keep supplies low and prices high!

  • Rick A.
    3 hours


  • William V.
    3 hours

    You don't really believe what you are saying

  • Art E.
    4 hours

    Dear Brut, I don't believe anything you say.

  • James J.
    6 hours

    BRUT you are lying and don't know what you are talking about. Fóssil feels are cheap and plentiful. Solar is not reliable neither is wind. Yes the president has control over the price of oil and gas. He is the one who started this

  • Lotfi H.
    2 days

    Brut brutally avoided the killing of Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Aqleh, abd the horrendous attack on her funeral. :(

  • Ricky W.
    3 days

    lmfao clown worldXD why dont we just have every american switch to electric carsXD are you guys stupid or paid to act this way?, the real reason for all of this is to push the green new dealXD it will not happen

  • Jean W.
    4 days

    Same in Europe

  • Kester C.
    4 days

    They just want to rob anyone they can they don't want to help if they wanted to to they would give the oil free then then talk now they talk on one side of their mouths the money dide

  • James J.
    4 days

    We don't need to send money to Ukraine. The gas & oil was low price until Joe Biden had shut down our oil production and our pipelines

  • Brut
    5 days

    Want to learn more about preventing increased oil and gas production? Check out this petition:

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