• Jeff D.
    09/13/2017 18:49

    fake news... sad

  • Tim B.
    09/13/2017 14:01

    Yes they produce 40% of earths oxygen but use almost all of it. Most of the oxygen that we use comes from algae.

  • David H.
    09/13/2017 12:59

    Just like giving to charity fixed Africa's poverty....... Wait

  • Albert F.
    09/13/2017 11:48

    yea well mean while in theire country they burn the forest to make sure they have a small piece of land to grow some corn to sale to the usa ... and instead of getting fertilizer for the soil they just burn another part of the forest .. way cheaper for them .. so when you send money to save the rain forest it will not end up helping the forest it will only bring money to some one pocket who make you believe he will save the rain forest which is close to impossible ... sad but true ..

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