What is Happening in Iran?

Meanwhile, in Iran, the price of oil has doubled in 24 hours, causing a massive uproar. Protesters face violent repression from the government and the country's Internet has been cut. According to Amnesty International, there have been at least 106 deaths since November 15.

The State has cut off Iranians from the social media

Meanwhile, in Iran… on November 15, a sudden, unexpected rise in gas prices sparked anger. Close to 10,000 people protested this weekend in cities across the country. They demanded an end to the price hike, which had been put in place by President Rohani, with support from Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei. Since the protests started, the government has reported that five people have been killed: three security personnel and two protesters. According to the UN, the death toll is much higher. Iran, a country with deep oil resources, had one of the world's lowest fuel prices. That price has doubled since then.

In Tehran and the rest of Iran, everything is dependent on fuel (prices). If the price of fuel goes up in the night, by day the price of rent will go up, as well as other living expenses, including fruit, vegetables, cereals, and everything. The chart featured in the video was published by the NGO NetBlocks. It shows how much of Iran's Internet network is being used, hour by hour. It was fluctuating between 85% and 100% until suddenly, on November 16, around 4 pm, it dropped to 5% and hasn't gone up since.

The government had just cut off its citizens from the rest of the world. Unlike in the US, in Iran, the government controls the Internet connection with the rest of the world. Which means they can also block it at any moment. The goal: reduce contact with the rest of the world, cut off Iranians from the social media, which they use actively, and in that way minimize the impact of the protest movement. It's a technique that is on the rise. Several countries, including Venezuela, Iraq and Pakistan, have recently cut the Internet during protest movements or military operations.


11/20/2019 4:30 PMupdated: 11/20/2019 6:29 PM
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  • Antnio E.
    4 hours

    Here we go again, facebook, fox, CNN, BBC, etc,etc with the drama so USA got an excuse to invade and control another country with oil, like Libano, Irak, afganistan, Siria Etc Etc.

  • Muneer G.
    15 hours

    Iran is the primary enemy of all people and countries

  • DeyTron R.
    15 hours

    Sponsored by Brut? The aftershave?

  • Brittany D.
    17 hours

    hey brut talk about China

  • Boaz B.
    17 hours

    Americans won't bust a grape in a winery....why are we so soft???

  • Kevin R.
    18 hours

    This will happen after Trump gets pushed out of office there will be 60 million people in the streets there will be total Anarchy Democrats will be pulled out of their homes and executed

  • Michael R.
    20 hours

    Well looks like trump hit them with real sanctions unlike Obama seems to be working good just let them implode

  • Jason M.
    20 hours

    It's happened to me and see where my first apartment I rented believe I was set up by the landlord but money they got over on me big time lost everything the beginning of the end of our relationship that me and my wife that was a big part of us probably not making it when you lose everything it really put you back so feel terrible for the people who lost their homes and everything they owned and then fires I feel your pain I've been through it

  • Mike O.
    a day

    Just come to America where you will get food stamps and section 8 and us American tax payers will pay for it! Smfh

  • Elaine D.
    a day

    You shouldn't be surprised. Iran is a dangerous country. I have no desire to be involved in their mess. The Muslims have been fighting for centuries, that's what they do. We have enough problems in our own country. Let them figure it out.

  • Angel R.
    a day

    Este mundo es una Mielda

  • Mike J.
    a day

    We the American people are not in any way concerned about what does or does not happen there. It's of absolutely no concern to America.we American's have our own issue's and they have theirs.also we American's are not nor have we been any time recently friends at all with them. So why would we American's care about our enemy who each day scream death to America. Sorry but who cares 👎

  • Abdulrazak A.
    2 days

    people will prevail

  • Kevin R.
    2 days

    Just wait till oil runs low globally...

  • Brian B.
    2 days

    Let them fight their own battles we can always clean up when their done. Where is nato?

  • Ray G.
    2 days

    It's a muslim country so sucks to be you

  • Grace F.
    2 days

    No internet?????

  • Shane N.
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    What are they chanting? I 🤔

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    Unarmed population!!