• Joy W.
    01/16/2022 05:08

    I couldn't believe that i would ever be re-unite with my EX-Lover, i was so traumatize staying all alone with no body to stay with me & to be with me, but i was so lucky one certain day to meet this powerful spell caster Dr Okhina after telling him about my situation he did everything humanly possible to see that my Lover come back to me, indeed after casting the spell my EX-Lover came back to me less than 15 hour's, my EX-Lover came back pleading me that he will never leave me again, months later we got engaged and married, if you are having this same situation just contact Dr WhatsApp number : (+2347042786714) thanks very much sir

  • Fanielle L.
    01/15/2022 09:45

    Cette petite bombe à côté de 600kg d'ours!😆j'en ai une plus grosse pour le moustique!!🤣

  • Yanina E.
    12/28/2021 18:51

    Maybe avoid disturbing such precious animals and choose a bearless place to walk!!!

  • Jack W.
    12/20/2021 12:54

    The first rule is: there are different rules for different bears. Second rule is: don't take bear advice from people who don't know bears.

  • David T.
    12/18/2021 16:19

    1 in 2.7 million chance is hardly rate! You sure about those figures?

  • Peter N.
    12/13/2021 01:46

    I'm in Australia, do the same guidelines apply for Koalas?

  • Brian O.
    12/12/2021 20:31

    The likelihood of experiencing a bear attack goes down tremendously if you avoid places with bears.

  • Chuck B.
    12/11/2021 14:35

    Had a black bear charge me at Mammoth. Sprayed it, kept on the spray til it stopped about 7 ft from me. The look on its face was almost human and in terror, surprise, almost a how could you do this to me look? I yelled, sprayed again, it took off running, crashing into trees. I checked, had 2/3 of a can left. To those who say shoot it with a 357 or 44 mag..I shot those pistols a lot.. I honestly don't think I could have got enough shots off, on target to stop the charge. Maybe. . Spray worked, worked very well.Man and beast both lived.

  • Jim A.
    12/11/2021 12:31

    Out run who ever your with.

  • Bobby D.
    12/10/2021 21:19

    If attacked my a grizzly bear your best defense is to salt and pepper yourself to add flavor for the bear because you are going to be eaten.

  • Brian M.
    12/10/2021 19:28

    And lastly, don't show any fear - they can sense it.

  • Stephen L.
    12/10/2021 10:53

    I usually get in my tank and wait it out.

  • Kenji O.
    12/10/2021 05:55

    Buffalo Bore makes some great bear spray. Works on all bears.

  • Francis R.
    12/10/2021 01:44

    Is soiling oneself a good strategy?

  • Pricop N.
    12/09/2021 20:26

    for Chaineze :))

  • Bryan M.
    12/09/2021 10:39

    Always take cookies with you they love chocolate chip

  • Clint K.
    12/09/2021 09:09

    And the grizzly?🤔

  • Aleksandra G.
    12/08/2021 18:55

    risken finns

  • Christopher C.
    12/08/2021 17:54

    Whip out the Mossburg!

  • Robert T.
    12/08/2021 17:08

    all good ideas and carry a .44 mag for that one bear who looks at you as food

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