• Marlon A.
    11/16/2020 07:01

    I eat snowbears

  • Jon M.
    11/11/2020 03:23

    Tell that to the people that have been attacked in Montana and Idaho. The number of attacks have gone up over the last 3yrs.

  • Aroti B.
    10/17/2020 06:38

    Wow amazing

  • Kenneth L.
    10/16/2020 02:50

    In my town, I've chased bears up into trees and scared off mother bears with cubs, scaring them off so that they don't return.

  • Avasa R.
    10/04/2020 06:04

    Leave them alone

  • Wayne N.
    09/16/2020 18:48

    Petting is over rated, Do not attempt to pet the bear nor the cubs. I have seen videos of Humans attempting to pet bears.

  • Aroti B.
    09/13/2020 18:15

    Wow amazing

  • Susan M.
    09/02/2020 20:53

    We definitely have bears here in the US. However, they're not much of a threat, cause they haven't won a Super Bowl in over 30 years🤣🤣🐻

  • Julian B.
    08/31/2020 18:05

    I’m kinda glad I don’t need to follows these rules . Cos we don’t have wild bears in the UK . And that’s kinda sad really . We don’t have wolves either , except for the Norwegian band , Ulver 😁😎

  • Alejandra C.
    08/30/2020 01:57

    Offer it a beet

  • Nick F.
    08/27/2020 15:56

    They never said anything about polar bears

  • Marc J.
    08/25/2020 18:32

    Or better, maybe don’t go there were they are trying to live without wankers around they space. Easy

  • S.d. C.
    08/25/2020 16:35

    We just have to bear with it...

  • Karel V.
    08/24/2020 17:15

    never run away xddddd

  • Julius K.
    08/24/2020 16:01

    when with someone you don't have to outrun the bear, just the other person

  • Colin N.
    08/24/2020 11:14

    never poke the bear.

  • Annette C.
    08/24/2020 04:29

    some good advice here 😀👍

  • Coryell L.
    08/23/2020 23:24

    The soundtrack music is horrid-yikes!

  • Ignacio J.
    08/23/2020 18:31

    "the likelihood of being attacked by a bear in my lifetime".... as opposed to before I was born or after I die?

  • Gaz S.
    08/23/2020 18:21

    Board... That took wayyyyy toooooo looooonggggg... Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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