Who Does Trump Think He Is?

Trump by Trump. This is how Donald Trump pictures Donald Trump.

Can you guess who?

He’s a young, vibrant man. He’s older, too. He’s the team. He’s the one. He’s a fighter for your jobs. He’s a builder. He’s a very good builder. He’s a professional at technology. He’s such a genius. He’s a very stable genius. He’s a believer in solar energy. He’s really a believer in fair trade. He’s a big believer in budgets. He’s a big believer in having good genes. He’s the biggest believer of the Second Amendment that there is. He’s a nice guy. He’s a business guy. He’s a very honest guy. He’s a very modern guy. He’s a different kind of a guy. He’s a little different up here. He’s a big, like, student. He’s a student of history. He’s a big Andrew Jackson fan.

He’s a fan of the NRA. He’s the most militaristic person. He’s really the opposite of a warmonger. He’s a great moral leader. He’s a problem solver. He’s a ratings machine. He’s a messenger. He’s a very good messenger. He’s a businessman. He’s a spokesperson. He’s a big budget person. He’s a greedy person. He’s a very greedy person. He’s a very loyal person. He’s a very flexible person. He’s a very famous person. He’s the President of the United States.

Trump’s way of looking at the world puts a premium on emotions, likes and dislikes — and neglects careful, methodical thinking about strategy, policy and U.S. interests and how to advance them. Trump’s first-term performance is unprecedented in the modern history of the U.S. Presidency. Some think he seems incapable of understanding that the national interest transcends his own fears, needs and personal interests. Trump through his personal filter of anxieties, arrogance, obsessions and prejudices has put most audiences in a spellbound knot.


11/07/2019 6:57 PM
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  • Patricia H.
    2 hours

    Trump thinks he is a man that can do anything like he knows what he is doing he is so dumb

  • Mike R.
    2 hours


  • Lesley H.
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  • Dave H.
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  • Barbara C.
    4 hours

    Vote Blue America

  • Dawn A.
    4 hours

    I think he's great love the man

  • Karen M.
    4 hours

    I believe He’s full of crap

  • MaryJane M.
    4 hours

    Trump only made it through college because his daddy bought his diploma. He can’t even speak in complete sentences and the majority if his followers are stupid, too! Bags of wind!

  • Sreekanth N.
    5 hours

    I wonder y he didn't told i am god also!!!!

  • Martin P.
    5 hours

    He is a big big lier

  • Don B.
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  • Jean S.
    6 hours

    If ever have I wanted to was watching that. 🤮

  • Sue H.
    6 hours

    Who better to evaluate a Sociopath than the Sociopath? Bet Hitler though himself pretty Special also.

  • Paul S.
    7 hours

    You're a PIG first though..

  • Mike R.
    7 hours

    He forgot this one; I’m big liar and I’m the biggest crook.

  • Florence H.
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  • Jan H.
    9 hours

    He’s the biggest believer in himself.

  • Norman R.
    10 hours

    Shut Your Mouth

  • Rhonda S.
    10 hours

    I think I need I think I’m grand and when I’m alone I hold my hand

  • Jim F.
    11 hours

    You are a POS !!