Why J.K. Rowling is Against Orphanage Volunteerism

J.K Rowling is warning against volunteering at orphanages overseas — here’s why. 👇

Speaking on the dangers of orphanage tourism

This is JK Rowling’s warning to students and others considering volunteering at orphanages overseas. JK Rowling urged students to stop volunteering at orphanages. She says the orphanage business drives family separation and child trafficking. The majority of children living in orphanages have at least one living parent.

“They go and volunteer for a couple of weeks or a month or so. And often these young people will come away believing they did good. And are appalled when the facts are laid out in front of them. Some orphanages are set up literally to exploit children. In other words, the children are the bait for foreign donations and a volunteer experience. And the money is going into the pocket of the people running the orphanages. The West has, often with the best intentions, funded huge amounts of international funding go into these so-called orphanages. But another thing, key pillar propping up the orphanage business, and I have to call it that and I think we'll hear more about why we can call it a business, is people volunteering and visiting, volunteering in and visiting orphanages, in other words, voluntourism and orphanage tourism, where you're taken to see children in an orphanage as part of your travel experience. Or when you go believing, which overwhelmingly, of course, people believe they're doing good, they go and volunteer for a couple of weeks or a month or so. And often these young people will come away believing they did good. And are appalled when the facts are laid out in front of them and they realize that they may have contributed to the perpetuation of abuse,” JK Rowling’s explains during the #HelpingNotHelping video campaign.

Children in institutions are 500 times more likely to commit suicide. 40 times more likely to have a criminal record. 10 times more likely to be involved in sex work.


11/03/2019 2:57 PM
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  • Hannah A.
    a day

    She's a TERF

  • Sarah H.
    11/13/2019 14:38

    She’s right we also have a issue with our own system and foster care. Had a girl in the region recently who was ten and being hung by her feet and starved. She got put back with the same family because they had no where to put her and they continue getting money to “care for her” me and my siblings had similar experiences. Make sure you know what you are supporting

  • Celeste W.
    11/13/2019 11:47

    Humans are so f****ing disgusting....

  • Elsa P.
    11/12/2019 10:37

    I agree with J.K. Rowling where the whole orphanage is driven as a business concept using low poverty or homeless children to help lure funds

  • Brandi P.
    11/11/2019 23:53

    Many orphanages are legitimately helping people. It concerns me that people may watch this and paint all institutions with the same brush, which would be a disservice.

  • Joylene L.
    11/10/2019 14:17

    Can't trust anything. People always scheming their way.

  • Nadia H.
    11/09/2019 03:43

    It’s true most kids have a parent and they take them and leave them for the week then come and take them for the weekend. It was like that when I grew up in the orphanage in Romania. Except no one came for me. It’s best to work with charities and organizations.or missionary work. She is a wonderful writer and person.❤️

  • Sandra M.
    11/09/2019 03:41

    Waoo just God is hope for children.Its incredible not a safe world for a kid to be raise.😞

  • Alejandra S.
    11/06/2019 12:02

    mira estoo

  • Aroham N.
    11/04/2019 18:27

    is World Ventures involved in this type of volun-tourism? Just wondered.

  • Brut
    11/04/2019 15:28

    She wrote her first story when she was just 11-years-old — but J.K. Rowling didn't always live under the spell of literature. 🧙‍♀️7

  • Sheila K.
    11/04/2019 13:46


  • Sheila K.
    11/04/2019 13:46


  • Caroline T.
    11/04/2019 12:24

    Well said. Who would have known,?

  • Tianar X.
    11/04/2019 10:47

    same here in Myanmar.Its a tragedy that the money we pay for them goin' to the pocket maybe those toxic ppl behind them.Many orphans became baits sooner or later and we dont have power to solve this.The best solution is we better not to pay'em

  • Nals B.
    11/04/2019 07:42

    As an African .. i would like the West to stop with all these donations.. stop funding our countries. YOU ARE ENABLING US to being more corrupt and lazy. Almost all the money donated to various organisations goes into other people's pockets. We pay taxes but our tax money goes into pockets of our corrupt leaders. stop enabling us. Stop the funding and pleasseeee account for each and every penny u donate or loan our governments.

  • Hope C.
    11/04/2019 04:11

    She needs to have a list ready of approved organisations, otherwise people get confused. Something like but I don't know what it would be. Great topic! People are good-hearted and want to help they just have no idea what goes on.

  • Susan K.
    11/04/2019 02:30

    Many schools and universities ( esp in Singapore) organise yearly trips to orphanages in Cambodia, Vietnam or Indonesia. Singaporean students are encouraged to go for these ‘community service’ trips as it looks good on their CV. Even my Son went for such a trip ( organised by his school as part of the curriculum ) when he was 17. We are told that such trips help with university admissions.

  • Frank M.
    11/04/2019 00:32

    When you think about what catholic nuns and the church did to orphans over a century or disgusting...

  • Ann J.
    11/03/2019 19:44

    I wonder what "travel groups" are doing this? I don't think I would go on an "orphanage experience" trip. Have never heard of it.I would go to an orphanage or clinic founded by a person I know, my church, or a friend's church. I don't think I would have any power at all to "strengthen families" in a poor country while living at home. In Venice, FL, various churches get together to help families find respite, jobs, clothing, housing, transportation, etc. The results are not always as hoped.