Why the U.S. has so many big cats in captivity

"If you live in Texas, you might find out that your neighbor owns a tiger." These species are protected all over the world. But in the U.S., big cats are a business like any other. Brut nature investigated.

04/25/2020 8:39 AM
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  • Moya W.
    2 days

    Totally wrong 😡

  • Pamela W.
    4 days

    Absolutely not right on all levels these animals need to be free not kept as pets it’s totally unacceptable and selfish

  • Felix
    4 days

    Actually we are saved beacuse its in texas, imagine if your country is home for these big cats, you better start arm yourself and prepare for invasion based on US think weapon of mass destruction hidden under your dining table

  • Gella M.
    4 days

    , ito kna Bay, pag nagTexas kau! 🤣apr

  • Erna N.
    4 days

    Why..? 😔

  • Piaypril T.
    5 days

    Wawa cats big all

  • Karen Z.
    5 days


  • Aroti B.
    5 days

    Wow amazing

  • Han J.
    5 days


  • Della M.
    5 days

    At least they are healthy and not extinct . If they are being taken care of not abused .

  • George K.
    6 days

    Fucking people!

  • Kerrie L.
    6 days

    Americans either shoot animals (& each other) or cage anything they feel like! The laws are back in the primate era. I guess COVID is pay back & karma.

  • Raluca C.
    6 days

    This is disgusting.

  • Carol M.
    6 days

    Well how wrong is this! These animals are endangered ! Why the hell does the US not have laws

  • Mim D.
    6 days

    Noor Aida Arfin Schwes -_&

  • Alice D.
    6 days


  • Luis M.
    6 days

    Too sad, when are we going to learn. My God.....

  • Alicia M.
    6 days

    The fault falls not only on the breeder but also on the “customers” who buy this service. Who on his/her right mind would pay 500 dollars to have a photo taken with a baby tiger in Texas??? Merci Brut Nature to help pass this message, we cannot count on politicians to stop this practices, it has to come from the general public. If people stop paying and going to see them, then there is no business, no lions and tigers and breeds tortured and killed!

  • Kaitlin S.
    6 days

    I think people are missing the point of you treat an animal like shit then yeah if you actually care for the animal properly and give it everything it needs what's the harm if it never knows the wild if is safer in a home as a pet

  • Hajera M.
    6 days

    Sad and angry.