• Aldren G.
    08/23/2020 22:18

    I'm pretty sure you guys forgot to translate that French part

  • Stevie B.
    08/23/2020 20:16

    Mark Kane

  • Alexia S.
    08/22/2020 06:40

    mouais je suis tjs pas convaincue 😅😅

  • Nancy E.
    08/20/2020 21:38

    This vidtold us nothing

  • Leah C.
    08/20/2020 07:04

    Na, wasps need to be executed! There is no place for them along with crane flies too! 😂 Horrible things.

  • Aroti B.
    08/19/2020 19:44

    Wow amazing

  • John M.
    08/19/2020 07:55

    I love them..

  • Andrea N.
    08/19/2020 04:37

    Wasps also kill bees so we don’t really need them

  • Jhon R.
    08/19/2020 03:05

    may silbi din pala sila tok di lang sila yellow bastards hahahaha

  • Amanda H.
    08/19/2020 01:25

    the first video when I see got on just now lol

  • Marion V.
    08/18/2020 20:32

    fb heeft ons door😂🙈 https://www.johnnybpestcontrol.com/2018/07/25/you-can-be-fined-as-much-as-50000-euros-for-killing-a-wasp/

  • El P.
    08/18/2020 20:26

    this might make you be less afraid of them xx

  • Yolanda C.
    08/18/2020 19:52

    C,omo se puede odiar a seres que ayudan al equilibrio de la naturaleza..,,,,cosa distinta es tenerles miedo porque pican cuando se meten en su. Habitat.

  • Sue C.
    08/18/2020 19:37

    Not convinced! They kill butterflies (seen it myself more than once) and they will destroy bees in a hive if they get in.

  • Max L.
    08/18/2020 18:54

    , , zie je wel.

  • Kuga K.
    08/18/2020 16:13

    I got stung twice when i was young because they randomly landed on me =_=* Must really like my young fresh meat =_=

  • Kaye P.
    08/18/2020 15:34

    I like wasps and even though we have lots living where we are, none have ever stung me, I just ignore them and don’t swipe my arms around like a looney, which annoys them.

  • Tiago L.
    08/18/2020 15:15

    Wasps are pollinators, anything that spreads polen is a pollinator. Fig trees's flowers harbor Wasps their entire lives up to the formation of the fruit..

  • Alex D.
    08/18/2020 14:45

    I still hate wasps

  • Alex B.
    08/18/2020 14:23


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