• Ivan R.
    02/18/2020 15:40

    Nope, this is propaganda. We just need traditional farms, not industrial.

  • Tony H.
    02/18/2020 00:49

    Sounds like vegan Bull shit

  • Roxanne L.
    02/17/2020 18:36

    This is factory meat producers, nothing to do with farming, you are giving the word farm a bad name. We need to go back to traditional farming, "regenerative" the new word for traditional.

  • Chitharanjan K.
    02/16/2020 16:51

    That's absurd. Being vegan.. Belgium has started arresting parents who are forcing their children's to be vegan..

  • Mukaya J.
    02/16/2020 15:48

    What of nuclear weapons and launching of missiles from oceans, what about weapons gold mining, diamond, and crude oil mining??

  • Chase G.
    02/16/2020 10:14

    Vertical Farming

  • Chase G.
    02/16/2020 10:13

    Vertical Farming.

  • Jonathan M.
    02/15/2020 22:44

    And if you're talking about CO2 it don't matter...

  • Geeta S.
    02/15/2020 21:50

    V good news❗️

  • Werner P.
    02/15/2020 21:14

    Go vegan!

  • Xin A.
    02/15/2020 21:08

    Reduce waste

  • Marty L.
    02/15/2020 20:50

    Ag is 6% of total greenhouse gases by study.

  • Michael M.
    02/15/2020 20:37

    Do you share this but still drive a gas car?

  • Manuel G.
    02/15/2020 20:28

    This is your investigation ? You should investigate a little more. Not all the scientists agree. What about holistic management? Do you even know that the cows are not the problem? it’s the way that we are producing.. do you know that the cows are the best machine to regenerate the soil?

  • Bob S.
    02/15/2020 19:33

    bullshit,the lot of it...i dont want to cut any of it out....and who is going to pay for my electric van for work, and electric car for daily use,i certainly cannot afford it,.......

  • Charles R.
    02/15/2020 18:41


  • Steven B.
    02/15/2020 18:31

    Love steak 👍👍👍👍

  • Matthew E.
    02/15/2020 18:28

    Umm... who do you think all are agriculture graduates work for? 😂😂😂 grocery stores!?😂😂😂

  • Michael W.
    02/15/2020 18:15

    Reduce the population ,it's getting crowded on this marble

  • Paul T.
    02/15/2020 17:55

    Life would not be worth living without meat! Mmmmm bacon

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