World agriculture is polluting our planet

How can we reduce the environmental impact of agriculture? Here's the best solution according to scientists.

06/15/2018 10:39 AM
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  • Vlad C.
    06/15/2018 10:46

    And another vegan post! How about work on fosil fuels and see how that is going in the first place. Why are you trying to steal my freedom of choice? I eat whatever the fuck i want!

  • Shreevardhan T.
    06/15/2018 10:51


  • Jakob P.
    06/15/2018 10:59

    Argumenti o katerih sva razpravljala. :)

  • Ivan R.
    06/15/2018 10:59

    Scientists aren't one idea 🤣 don't judge meat eaters you brocoly killerz 😝

  • Elliot C.
    06/15/2018 11:17

    Animal agriculute contributes more to greenhouse gas than every car combined. Everyone needs to reduce their intake for a more sustainable future.

  • Adam J.
    06/15/2018 11:30

    Try posting real news

  • Eddy P.
    06/15/2018 12:02

    Stop the separation of plants and animals! They are meant to be grown together!

  • Dee S.
    06/15/2018 12:58

    What a load of crap.

  • Elin A.
    06/15/2018 13:13


  • Lisbeth B.
    06/15/2018 14:10

    This only hurt the smaller farmers not the "meat factories". With no traditional animal agriculture, there will be no pastures or natural menure for any crops - you know, oats, beans, beets etc etc. And no. You cant use all pastures or fields for crops all the time. That would drain all nutrients from the ground. Nothing would then grow. And besides. Cattle keep pastures and fields open and contribute to a biological diversity

  • Madonna L.
    06/15/2018 15:01

    Fine the hell out of big business to help small green farmers

  • Nizamuden A.
    06/15/2018 15:12

    Learn how to be satisfied... Learn how to conserve... Satisfy yourself as you satisfy the nature.... Give and take...

  • Habid V.
    06/15/2018 16:36

    ya hay que hacernos vegetarianos...

  • Ben H.
    06/15/2018 17:01


  • István K.
    06/15/2018 18:59

    Pure bullshit! The scientists should have concluded: stop globalization and support your local producers no matter what kind of diet you are on! E.g. if you live at the coastline you could eat local seafood and less beef, but if you live in Montana, beef is less harmful than transported seafood and/or avocados, etc. If you live in a tropical environment, eat bananas, if you live in Norway, probably you can eat wild fish and game, and some berries, and if you live in the Andes you could eat quinoa but stop demanding quinoa everywhere in the world just because it is a "superfood" and the people whose original staple was quinoa can't even afford it anymore because of the high price!!!! Think and don't buy into vegan propaganda, please! Factory farming is wasteful but so is large scale agriculture or large scale fishing,

  • Maria K.
    06/15/2018 19:40

    Would I rather travel the world than eat meat? YES!!!

  • Paul N.
    06/15/2018 21:45

    Eat local, eat seasonal. Reduce meat and only eat natural pasture raised meat. And stop buying food that has been grown on land that was previously rain forest, depletes local ecology and damages the indigenous peoples economy. Organic potatoes from Egypt grown in peat from Ireland, potatoes flown to the UK - insane! Globalisation is not suitable for agriculture.

  • Amy H.
    06/15/2018 21:57

    This is absolute horseshit.

  • Josh Y.
    06/16/2018 08:23


  • Rolandas R.
    06/16/2018 09:27

    Vegan propaganda