Youth across the world is demanding action on climate change

Thousands of them hit the street of Brussels yesterday. Here is how the "school strikes for the climate" spread to several countries across the world.

02/03/2019 7:34 AM


  • Jeff S.
    08/26/2019 03:17

    Child abuse !

  • Dale B.
    08/24/2019 22:30

    if you could get them all to plant a hundred trees instead of running their mouths then we could have progress

  • Carol H.
    08/23/2019 22:57

    And what has this achieved ?

  • Verna W.
    08/23/2019 13:54

    We know, that is what is scary!

  • Jim T.
    08/23/2019 11:12

    Actin 1: Turn off the air conditioning and heat in their schools.

  • Martin P.
    08/23/2019 08:09

  • Rob C.
    08/23/2019 04:40

    They are so easily used as useful idiots. China and India out pollute ( CO2 ) the USA by roughly 2 1/2 times. The climate alarmists fly in private jets to AGW conferences. Obviously even they don't believe their own hype.

  • Larry D.
    08/23/2019 00:34

    Uniformed uneducated snowflakes

  • Brian A.
    08/22/2019 14:31

    imagine the trash left by those people

  • Gelo C.
    08/22/2019 10:23

    While people in my country are too busy attending to none-sense matters such as an actor who cheated on his partner with another actress. Idiots 🤦‍♂️

  • Ralph N.
    08/22/2019 09:53

    Quit striking and go an plant a few trees to really help out or go around and pick up some trash

  • Christine K.
    08/22/2019 05:59

    Does this behaviour make any real difference.....?

  • Yip Y.
    08/22/2019 05:42

    We need to all skip work 1day a week an strike with this child ... my future of a 3 day weekend should be legal 👍🏽

  • Mike W.
    08/22/2019 04:42

    Leftists kooks

  • Imeth K.
    08/22/2019 03:53

    We are with you

  • Rachel R.
    08/22/2019 01:30

    En América del sur Brasil la cual es el pulmón de nuestro planeta tiene un incendio por 16 dias.La cual está matando diversidad de fauna animales y indios.Es un duelo y un crimen.Hay que correr la voz mundialmente.

  • Aid
    08/21/2019 23:51

    "old generations accountable for what they have created"

  • Mary W.
    08/21/2019 22:55

    Striking only gets brief publicity, and is not translating into the physical action deemed so urgently needed. Perhaps this will be the generation that physically transforms personal transportation, merchandise and intercontinental transport along with what energy sources are used. But they must also look hard at their personal procreation since science has deemed the excessive number humans to be the main cause of global warming!

  • JohnKay M.
    08/21/2019 16:40

    Go youngsters that are wiser than old white men in DC.

  • Jolanda K.
    08/21/2019 13:34

    YES!! And join 'her' science! Greta Thunberg already filled it out ✊ ..this survey 👉 (for other languages: THANK YOU 💚🌏