1. Rescued chimpanzees in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

  2. A stork love story

  3. 5 Good News Stories For The Planet

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  4. The Green Blood Project

  5. Abalone poaching in South Africa

  6. China Bans Wild Animal Trade

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  7. Whale trapped in fishing net in endangered marine refuge

  8. Yerlan Nurgaliev was killed while trying to protect antilopes

  9. Wildlife trade likely to be the source of coronavirus outbreak

  10. What lies behind the decline of the vaquita

  11. France: A pristine nature reserve in the Alps

  12. Thousands of mussels found dead in New Zealand

  13. How does snow form?

  14. 3 bad news stories for Antarctica

  15. Shocking footage of an organic, kosher and halal slaughterhouse

  16. NGO Four Paws rescues hungry lions in Sudan

  17. The enigmatic "cenotes" of Mexico's Yucatán peninsula

  18. This people makes clothes from tree bark

  19. 3 adventurers who faced the extreme cold

  20. Why mandrills are so colorful

  21. 5 good news stories for the planet

  22. Freegan Pony: a Paris restaurant fighting food waste

  23. Goose barnacles: a strange and edible life form

  24. The right way to plant trees

  25. How growing flowers impact the environment

  26. Thousands of camels will be killed in Australia

  27. Fire Drill Fridays, Jane Fonda's climate fight

  28. The maned wolf is under threat

  29. Two monarch butterfly advocates found dead in Mexico

  30. Sri Lanka: new measures against deforestation

  31. 'Cocaine hippos' threaten ecosystems in Colombia

  32. What can we use instead of palm oil?

  33. How the rattlesnake make noise?

  34. Nepal's Gadhimai festival has begun despite fierce objections

  35. COP25: the moving speech of Austrian president Alexander Van der Bellen

  36. Icelandic orcas spotted in the Italian port of Genoa

  37. The North Pole is warming up twice as fast as the rest of the planet

  38. Over half a million hermit crabs were found dead

  39. "Drive tout nu" one year later

  40. Taking the EuroVelo 8 to discover Europe

  41. Are sharks really ferocious killers ?

  42. Marine heat wave kills nearly 1 million birds

  43. French activists are protesting against toxic red mud

  44. Southeast Asia countries don't want to be the world's dumping sites

  45. A pig forced to bungee jump in China

  46. NGO One Voice is fighting to save hippopotamus Jumbo

  47. China has announced a 5-year action plan to fight plastic

  48. Greta Thunberg's speech at Davos 2020

  49. Florida: Babcock Ranch was created from scratch in 2017

  50. Creative alternatives to plastic bags

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