Australia has been devastated by wildfires for decades

Southeastern Australia is being ravaged by wildfires, and it’s been the case for decades. #tbt

For decades, southeastern Australia has been devastated by wildfires

In a single day known as “Black Friday,” 71 people died in the state of Victoria. Nearly 20,000 km2 of land burned, an area the size of Slovenia, and about 1,000 homes were destroyed. Known as the “Ash Wednesday Bushfires,” these fires, which struck the states of Victoria and South Australia, led to the death of 75 people. That day, 4,180 km2 of land went up in smoke, roughly the size of Cape Verde. Approximately 2,000 homes were destroyed. “Black Saturday” is the deadliest bushfires Australia has ever seen: 173 people lost their lives. Nearly 400 fires, burning simultaneously, devastated 4,500 km2 of land, an area 4 times the size of Hong Kong, destroying 2,000 homes in the process.