#TeamTrees: the amazing challenge taken on by YouTubers from around the world

"It could be one of the craziest things on YouTube" Raising 20 million dollars to plant 20 million trees before the end of the year. That's the tough challenge these 600 YouTubers from around the world are taking on.

11/07/2019 7:00 AM
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  • Norbert J.
    5 days

    One of the best initiatives ever 👍🏻

  • Dhanlaxmi G.
    5 days

    Started by sadguru..

  • Karin F.
    5 days

    Planting trees where?

  • Jeanine S.
    5 days


  • Federica A.
    5 days


  • Federica A.
    5 days


  • Amar D.
    4 days

    Share this post like hell

  • Rok S.
    4 days

    Which trees?

  • Prem V.
    3 days

    WTF? India does it all the time. 60 mill. trees in A DAY ! And they don't spend 20 million Dollars doing it...

  • Shanjida R.
    2 days

    Something great

  • Jam M.
    a day

    One of the best initiatives ever,GOOD JOB MR. BEAST AND TO ALL THE YOUTUBERS WHO PARTICIPATED BUT...... You can plant trees without asking for donations...ITS FREE...CHANGE IS FREE JUST SAYING, IT'S NOT MY INTENTION TO BRING HATE THANKS

  • Iamrytam
    a day

    zach king

  • Mohiz J.
    19 hours


  • Haroun S.
    8 hours

    Good which type of trees are you planting