1. Lawmakers in European Parliament condemn Poland's near-total ban on abortion

  2. #FBF: Rebecca Black discusses going viral

  3. 3 Presidents, 3 Public Impeachments

  4. Mary Wilson discusses the role of music in the fight for racial justice

  5. The story of the coronavirus whistleblower, Dr. Li Wenliang

  6. El Paso shooting survivor is deported

  7. 3 tips for being a good ally

  8. The story of the Black Lives Matter movement

  9. She changed the Hollywood sign to Hollyboob for a cause

  10. The dark reality behind this viral video of pandas

  11. Rep. Phillips explains how the insurrection enlightened him on privilege

  12. Rep. Steny Hoyer in heated debate to remove Rep. Greene from her committees

  13. #TBT: the polio vaccine

  14. Virginia senator pushes to abolish the death penalty

  15. The life of Rosa Parks

  16. Jen Psaki on the Trump administration

  17. Killed Capitol police officer lies in honor in Rotunda

  18. Oregon just decriminalized hard drugs

  19. Parkland survivor speaks out against Marjorie Taylor Greene

  20. The life of Stacey Abrams

  21. The Life of Stacey Abrams

  22. Bernie's mittens meme raises nearly $2 million for charity

  23. Evan Rachel Wood accuses Marilyn Manson of abuse

  24. 3 myths about plastic pollution

  25. Reddit vs. Wall Street, explained

  26. The life of Regina King

  27. Giving away PPE to health care workers fighting COVID-19

  28. Erasing Hate From Streets Around the World

  29. Proud Boys leader was once an FBI informant

  30. 1 year after the bushfires, Australia is picking up the pieces

  31. 9 simple questions about COVID-19 variants

  32. #TBT: The space shuttle Challenger disaster

  33. Dr. Fauci won't call it the "U.K. variant"

  34. What is the Doomsday Clock?

  35. She lost her mother and grandfather to COVID

  36. Sarah Huckabee Sanders: from Trump defender to a governor bid

  37. The life of Gianna Bryant

  38. Former Navy SEAL's reaction to the transgender's ban

  39. Seesaws at Border Bring People Together

  40. Donald Trump will lose his source of pride: NYC's Wollman Rink

  41. President Biden calls for unity in inaugural address

  42. Portugal: thousands wear lipstick to combat sexism in politics

  43. The life of Jon Ossoff

  44. America's complicated history with religion and politics

  45. Amanda Gorman's inauguration poem

  46. First White House press briefing: Biden Admin vs. Trump Admin

  47. Donald Trump and the history of inauguration snubs

  48. The life of Kamala Harris

  49. The life of Kamala Harris

  50. 4 years of President Trump

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