1. Comedian uses stand-up to help others overcome trauma

  2. "War on Black Boys" poem on police brutality

  3. This patrol group is fighting against anti-Asian attacks

  4. Backpacks full of supplies make their way to NYC's homeless

  5. Captain Ali gives kickboxing classes to children in refugee camp

  6. Why kissing isn't a universal act

  7. The "bad apple" defense of police brutality

  8. Abandoned at the airport as an infant, this is Emilie's story

  9. Rep. Jordan vs. Dr. Fauci

  10. 10-year-old trans girl claps back at Texas lawmakers

  11. Oscar Grant's fatal shooting by police in 2009

  12. Simone de Beauvoir explains her most famous quote

  13. Daunte Wright's killing by an officer sparks protest against police brutality

  14. Army lieutenant held at gunpoint by police at traffic stop

  15. Black cowgirl teaches kids to enjoy reading with the help of her horses

  16. Former QAnon follower on how she left the conspiracy movement

  17. The life of Prince Philip

  18. Meet the world's smallest cow

  19. Two Muslim women in France discuss Islamophobia and wearing a hijab

  20. More children being abandoned at the U.S.-Mexico border

  21. She has the Guinness record for world's largest afro

  22. The life of Demi Lovato

  23. 5 myths about food

  24. DMX interview: "I will be the voice of the street 'til I die."

  25. Minneapolis police chief says Derek Chauvin violated policy

  26. Marine speaks out about sexual misconduct in the military

  27. Interview: Bestselling author Stephanie Land on being a maid and the American dream

  28. Should politicians have sexual consent training?

  29. The life of Donald Trump

  30. #TBT: The world's first same-sex wedding

  31. Common excuses for mass shootings other than guns

  32. Day one: the Derek Chauvin trial

  33. "Is this patriot enough?"

  34. This city sent mental health help, rather than police to hundreds of 911 calls

  35. Solo the tiger and fallen queen of Bandhavgarh

  36. Mother files lawsuit after 5-year-old son is handcuffed by police

  37. Heaven's Gate cult mass suicide

  38. Hate crimes against Asian Americans on the rise

  39. Timeline: Mass shootings in Colorado

  40. Georgia lawmaker arrested as governor signs new elections law

  41. Joe "here’s the deal" Biden

  42. This is the first city to try reparations for Black Americans

  43. Biden health nominee Rachel Levine calls out transphobia

  44. Megan Rapinoe takes the battle for equal pay to Congress

  45. Mass shooting in a Colorado grocery store

  46. Whistleblower alleges mass hysterectomies at ICE detention center

  47. 22 years of presidents addressing mass shootings

  48. She was nearly sterilized while in ICE custody

  49. Fighting for clean water and environmental justice

  50. The hypersexualization of Asian women in the media

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