1. The life of Pope Francis

  2. Ronald Reagan's memorable age joke

  3. 'Lock them up' chant a fixture at Trump rallies

  4. Get your booty to the polls

  5. The life of Ben Crump

  6. Donald Trump's super fan passes away

  7. 13-year-old activist has a message for the president

  8. Donald Trump's relationship with social distancing

  9. The story behind Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams"

  10. The Women's March That Changed America

  11. 4 historical October surprises

  12. Trump vs. Biden: town hall edition

  13. Trump holds Florida rally

  14. #TBT: RBG's Senate confirmation hearing

  15. Donald Trump and abortion

  16. TBT: Martin Luther King on riots

  17. Senators ask Amy Coney Barrett softball questions at hearing

  18. Chicago's mayor weighs in on the Supreme Court nominee

  19. Father-daughter duo create app for kids with parents in prison

  20. Women lawmakers speak up about abortion in France

  21. Trump vs. Biden on health care

  22. TikToker shows how easy it is to spike a drink

  23. Michelle Obama wants young women in politics

  24. Three moments that changed the course of humanity

  25. Mike Pence vs. Donald Trump

  26. Who is Hope Hicks?

  27. New videos in the Breonna Taylor case released

  28. Indigenous Rapper on Climate Activism and Intersectionality

  29. Kamala Harris on police brutality in the VP debate

  30. The life of Mike Pence

  31. Judge Esther Salas speaks out after attack

  32. Kansas mask debates

  33. Biden on Trump debate

  34. Donald Trump vs. facts on affordable care

  35. Trump vs Biden on toughness

  36. The life of Kellyanne Conway

  37. Rose Garden superspreader event

  38. Donald Trump's surprise hospital drive-by

  39. New Zealand PM says she's smoked marijuana

  40. The life of Donald Trump Jr.

  41. Boris Johnson and Covid

  42. Lebanon's kafala system restricts rights for 250,000 people

  43. Timeline: Donald Trump on the covid crisis

  44. TBT: Nixon and taxes

  45. Rep. Katie Porter slams pharma CEO on cancer drug price hike

  46. First Trump-Biden debate: insults over substance

  47. Lizzo's message to young voters

  48. Trump on white supremacy

  49. Trump vs. Biden on racial insensitivity

  50. How She Paid Off $222,000 of Student Loan Debt

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