1. Joe Biden accepts Democratic nomination

  2. Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms gives DNC speech

  3. #TBT: John Lewis at the 1988 Democratic National Convention

  4. #TBT: The first woman vice-presidential candidate

  5. Kamala Harris accepts VP nomination

  6. Barack Obama's DNC speech

  7. Simple questions about mail-in voting

  8. AOC's DNC speech

  9. The 19th Amendment grants women's suffrage

  10. Mr. Checkpoint App Aims to Reduce Police Abusing Their Power

  11. 5 U.S. presidents with foreign-born parents

  12. Navajo Code Talker Praises Diversity

  13. Donald Trump vs. World history

  14. Lebanon: young people are mobilizing after deadly explosion

  15. Kintsugi, ancient art of repairing the broken

  16. The story of Mount Rushmore

  17. Trump VS Obama, the (virtual) debate on immigration

  18. #TBT: The first black female presidential candidate

  19. China's panda diplomacy, explained

  20. Donald Trump and Andrew Jackson: a bromance

  21. The Rise and Fall of the NRA

  22. New York Attorney General calls for dissolution of NRA

  23. What is ammonium nitrate?

  24. Trump competes with other nations on COVID-19 response

  25. Rep. Jayapal grills AG Bill Barr

  26. The hydroxychloroquine controversy, explained

  27. The black-and-white selfie challenge in Turkey

  28. How Uighur forced labor is feeding the clothing industry

  29. Elderly Couple Takes On Machete-Wielding Robbers

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  30. Trump vs. Obama on Voting

  31. The feud over the new stimulus deal, explained

  32. Barack Obama gives powerful eulogy at funeral for John Lewis

  33. Free tattoo removal to transform lives

  34. "Guilty" or "Innocent" according to Trump

  35. "Wall of Moms": Portland mother on why she protests

  36. Timeline: Trump's prognosis of the COVID-19 crisis

  37. Meanwhile, forest fires in Siberia

  38. Celebs team up to buy women's soccer team

  39. BLM protester shot and killed in Texas

  40. AOC responds to Rep. Yoho

  41. Donald Trump vs. Science

  42. Texas congressman Al Green stands with AOC

  43. #TBT: Freedom Riders

  44. 5 moments that changed J. Balvin's life

  45. Federal crackdown on Portland

  46. Kanye's Rallying Cry

  47. What does the "party of Lincoln" represent?

  48. Donald Trump and house appliances

  49. Timeline: The Dakota Access Pipeline

  50. Republican governors divided over mask mandates

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