16-year-old Greta Thunberg In A Brut Interview

"Dear Mr. Trump..." 16-year-old Greta Thunberg has a message for the president on climate responsibility. The Swedish activist shared with Brut what she'd say to him — as well as her goal for saving the planet.

02/18/2019 1:58 PMupdated: 02/28/2020 7:55 PM


  • Hage S.
    12/27/2020 06:11

    All big countries are contributing in the climate change and destroying the earth 🌏 (not just USA 🇺🇸)

  • Cathy C.
    03/25/2020 01:35

    She's a genius

  • Tomas P.
    03/10/2020 02:09

    Ven Greta

  • Diana B.
    03/05/2020 23:50

    Awesome story. Thanks you for sharing

  • Sarah J.
    03/05/2020 09:06

    Thank you, Greta.

  • Ruby M.
    03/05/2020 00:34

    Ok,,Kids,,, if you believe what you say,,, less change things,,give up your cars ride the bus,,, stop useing your cell phones except emergencys,,,do not burn trash,, no camp fires,,,go shopping once a week,,only two pairs of shoes,,,4 sets of cloths,,,. Grow your food,,, hand wash your baby diapers,,, use paper bags,, 2 purses,,, Walk to the bus stops,,hand wash your cloths. And hang your cloths on the cloths line,,,,,,only use shampoo on your hair,,Do not wear make up,. Do not use a curling iron,,( save the animals no testing,,,),,,cutt grass with a push Mower,( no gas,,,no electricity ),,,,no fireplaces, that is what the Older people did ,,,the ones you blame everything on,, no electricity used on musical any thing,,

  • Raymond B.
    03/03/2020 18:59

    She should be learning Science and mathematics her parents should be locked up.

  • Neil R.
    03/03/2020 12:59


  • Jim H.
    03/02/2020 20:00

    Individuals need to start being responsible and stop blaming others for the damage they are doing to this planet. I'm doing my part. Everyone needs to follow in my footsteps.

  • Manas R.
    03/02/2020 18:36

    Go greta go

  • Lance D.
    03/02/2020 17:28

    He is already the worst villian! But he thinks its a joke and funny! Calls every thing fake! Look around! This conona viris is part of earth climate disaster! It comes from people making stupid choices with food and animals in an noy clean environment!

  • Sten N.
    03/02/2020 17:06

    Heja Greta

  • Lucy A.
    03/02/2020 16:12

    Awww 😢😢😢

  • Oaelop Z.
    03/02/2020 13:21

    Thank you Greta for do what I have been trying to do since 1995 ♻️💚♻️, you are the girl 👏👏👏, tel people to plant trees, lots of trees

  • Graham H.
    03/02/2020 08:38

    Greta, keep up the great work, and convince that idiot TRUMP that the climate crisis is a global problem.... 👍 👌

  • Conrad L.
    03/02/2020 07:23

    Good hear her please nature destroyer

  • Daniel L.
    03/02/2020 02:26

    If the world applied the vast resources it spends on defense of “imagined“threats to the “REAL THREAT”of Climate Change it would surely make a difference.

  • Leah D.
    03/02/2020 02:18


  • Melissa B.
    03/01/2020 18:20


  • Mike K.
    03/01/2020 17:46

    Too late

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