1. Make our planet great again: French diplomacy fights back

  2. Introducing: Trump forest

  3. History repeats itself with climate change

  4. Silicon Valley against bathroom laws

  5. Top3: Trump's Russia scandals

  6. Fighting hair policing

  7. Trump's full confidence in Kushner might cost him his job

  8. Child marriage in the US

  9. Texas Bathrooms bill

  10. Trump vs The Pope

  11. Al Green victim of death threats

  12. Lunch shaming banned in New Mexico

  13. Sanders on autoritarism

  14. What is stealthing?

  15. David Clarke is arriving at Homeland Security

  16. Meet Nicole Orr and her parents

  17. Private Prisons' lobby bill

  18. Trump's obstruction of justice

  19. How can the President be impeached?

  20. Who were the heroes of Confederate monuments?

  21. Is this the new Watergate?

  22. Why was the FBI director fired?

  23. A law professor explains police shooting trials

  24. Who is Sally Yates?

  25. Bill ending parental rights for rapists failed to pass

  26. Who is Joe Kennedy III ?

  27. Is 1984 a fiction or reality ?

  28. How does immunity work ?

  29. President Trump, Sean Spicer versus the Press

  30. Who is Maxine Waters ?

  31. First two months as POTUS, compared

  32. "Are rape and incest the will of God ?"

  33. Rand Paul accused of siding with Vladimir Putin

  34. Bush shaded Trump about the media. Here is their face off.

  35. Donald Trump's month of Fake News

  36. New details in the murder of Emmett Till

  37. Sanders sermoned the Senate for the lack of democracy

  38. Betsy DeVos nomination : 4 senators that are not having it

  39. Andrew Cuomo's strong speech on #MuslimBan

  40. September 11, Boston, San Bernardino : None of these attacks w...

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