• Bryan coffman
    02/28/2022 18:51

    I'm finally cured from melanoma skin cancer. a patient who was cured from stage 4 breast cancer shared doctor Salim mail the herbal specialist. Let's try herbal treatment for incurable disease. I recommend doctor Salim to anyone with cancer, diabetes, etc his email [email protected]

  • Barusu N.
    02/28/2022 08:52

    Western media 🤡

  • Timothy A.
    02/27/2022 20:06

    Putin is nothing more than a new Hitler wanna be. Another mad man who wants to take over the world. God have mercy on his rotten soul.

  • Anastasia M.
    02/27/2022 19:08

    You must have forgotten one key date. 1654. The year when Ukraine first joined Russia at its own will...

  • Fazail M.
    02/27/2022 18:59

    Putin is evil incarnate…just fast forward to The part where u shoot urself In a bunker pls

  • Ravi S.
    02/27/2022 15:21

    Western propaganda

  • Maria Mike
    02/27/2022 15:12

    I was tested positive with the Herpes Virus for over 5 years with lot of outbreaks which comes twice a month with severe itchiness and blisters on my back and genital area, I was recommended to Valtrex medication which we have been using but only helps control the outbreaks for some while. I have been searching for a complete cure due to the stigma attached to the virus. came across a patient testimonial who was cured from Stage 4 Skin Cancer and Lungs damages. The patients speak highly of Doctor Salim Herbal formula and shared his information. I decided to give the herbal specialist a try I contacted the doctor through his email, after much discussion and few questions I paid for the product which he sent to my address. I received it within 3 days through Dhl, and with the herbal specialist direction I used the product for 21 days, I discovered a huge different on my health, the outbreak stopped within a week on treatment and after concluding the herbal treatment I went for another Herpes test and my result was confirmed Negative with no trace of the virus on my blood. Let's try herbal treatment for incurable diseases and leave those big Pharmacists who sell junk medication to always kill us and reduce our body immunity and focus on herbal treatment, Doctor Salim products are very affordable and I recommend his Herbs to anyone with any health issues he has natural cure for any type of Cancer, Lyme disease, COPD, Prostate disease, Diabetes, Cholesterol, Psoriasis, Yeast Infection, body immunity booster, Epstein Barr, Lupus, HPV, Arthritis, low Sperm, Fibroid, Infertility, Erectile dysfunction etc. his email; [email protected]

  • André B.
    02/27/2022 14:48

    SOLIDARITÉ avec le peuple UKRAINIEN 💖 et HONTE aux oligarques dirigeants russes Poutine et son entourage verreux et criminel...🤬🚫

  • Asmat S.
    02/27/2022 10:58

    Journalist and jurist asmat Sagar has said that infants, children, the elderly and women are being affected by the attack on Ukraine. And especially food shortages can lead to human tragedy. The United Nations should have arranged camps and food for the Ukrainian people before the Russian invasion of Ukraine. As a result, the Ukrainian people today are forced to ask the world about the cause of the Russian invasion. Already 75% of the world's population is starving Facing food shortages. And now Russia's war invasion of Ukraine is creating more economic crisis in the world. Poverty, hunger and poverty will increase food shortages. They see nothing but war madness. They have no awareness of the plight of the starving people in the world. The United Nations should immediately set up humanitarian relief camps for those displaced on the borders of Ukraine, especially food, medicine and other necessities for the elderly and infants. Necessary relief supplies should be provided.

  • Rhon L.
    02/27/2022 10:40


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