5 Moments that Changed Ian Somerhalder’s Life

"I remember my mom spent every dollar we had to put me through modeling and acting classes..." His dream of being a marine biologist, moving to New York to be a model at 10, and the massive success of “Lost" — these are the moments that changed Ian Somerhalder's life.

Ian Somerhalder’s 5 life changing moments:

A love affair with marine life

Because I grew up on the water and this person said, “Oh, so you want to spend the rest of your life trying to raise money for projects that no one cares about?”. I was 10, but that set with me. And it's the craziest thing because I wanted to work with the best scientists in the world, to do the most amazing stuff from marine life. Now, I became an actor because of the global success of TV shows I've been on, I now get to work with the greatest marine scientists on the planet. So it's sort of amazingly came full circle.

First time in New York as a model

I remember my mom spent every dollar we had to put me through modeling and acting classes when I was 10 years old, and we went to a convention in South Carolina and I got a contract with Ford models and this is 1990, so Ford models was the biggest thing in the fashion business. So, we would come to New York.

Photoshoot with Steven Meisel

Steven Meisel at the time was literally the biggest photographer in the world. I got on a plane the next day, flew to New York, shot this huge I mean, editorial and then after that, it was all Steven Meisel, Bruce Weber, all the biggest photographers in the world, and that, I never look back. I finished my school through correspondence and that was my 16th birthday. So that was a big, monumental moment.


Getting the role of LOST. I remember getting that role, shooting that pilot, show got picked up, I moved to Hawaii, and I remember the night we premiered, I woke up the next day, I was in Hawaii, I was in my bathrobe, having my coffee with my kitten, and, my manager had sent me an email, you know, look at the email and it was the numbers from the LOST premiere numbers, and they were huge.

His daughter’s birth

The single biggest day of your life is the day that you're born and the day that your children are born. Period. V-Wars series starts on December 5 on Netflix.