• William D.
    11/02/2018 23:30

    Britain should be ashamed. For Saudi money we turn a blind eye

  • Deborah J.
    11/02/2018 23:31

    She’s beautiful and brave. May she Rest In Peace ❤️❤️❤️

  • Musah A.
    11/02/2018 23:38

    Britain and US has blood on their hands

  • Laura S.
    11/02/2018 23:42

    Rest in peace ,little one your are in God hand now.

  • Marta B.
    11/02/2018 23:54

    She is in peace

  • Cindy S.
    11/03/2018 00:30

    Why are the adults or parents not starving instead!??? I'd go hungry for days before I'd allow my children to go without! What is wrong w ppl now a days! Seriously! If someone posted about a starving DOG or CAT fleets of food items would have been collected and distributed in a matter of hours including medical attention! SMH.. beyond sad and shameful... shame on HUMANS PERIOD!!!!!

  • Jodi H.
    11/03/2018 00:41

    Yet we sell arms to the Saudi's that have caused all this devastation. The innocents pay the price. RIP little one.

  • Velvet D.
    11/03/2018 01:01

    These are innocent children. We have failed yet another one while our friggon corporations and billionaires get their higher tax breaks. Makes me sick. Hogs get slaughtered you bastards.

  • Izabel C.
    11/03/2018 01:08

    Sadness. A feeling of frustration like if all humans have failed with that little girl, and so many others. We can change it!! We can do something. We’re not supposed to see so much suffering and do anything.

  • Lael M.
    11/03/2018 01:28


  • P R.
    11/03/2018 01:28

    Why to blame the countries and their political agendas ? Follow family planing. Producing children is not a fun. Stop it !!! How can a couple go on making love and producing dozens of kids. Only for these videos and photographs ? No responsibility of bringing up their kids ? No amenities to feed your kids, educate them, comfort them , then don't produce them. Just don't produce them.

  • P R.
    11/03/2018 01:37

    Your children are your responsibility. Not the responsibility of any country. Not the responsibility of UNO. We face Rohingyas. They come as refugees . They have three to four wives, nearly nineteen kids per family and no financial resources. Yet , they refuse to undergo family planning surgeries. They quote their religion and their god !!! 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  • Dawna P.
    11/03/2018 01:40

    This such a sad story that could have been prevented. Children around the world starving to death. My thoughts and prayers for the grieving mother💕

  • Janet M.
    11/03/2018 02:16

    Sad sad 😔

  • Abdulmuain B.
    11/03/2018 02:44

    All countries and international organizations are hypocrites.

  • Josie C.
    11/03/2018 03:09


  • Annette H.
    11/03/2018 04:42


  • Fateh A.
    11/03/2018 04:43

    Meanwhile our fat Saudi Muslim brothers are feasting on lamb and rice like desert 🐖 🐖 🐖...and United States of Murika stand behind them no matter what devil they do. Muslims, Americans, Europeans souls stink 🤮🤮🤮

  • Rowdey E.
    11/03/2018 05:21


  • Mohammad Y.
    11/03/2018 05:24

    Bin salaman without any humanity ,trumb support bin salman just because he give him mony.