1. The hydroxychloroquine controversy, explained

  2. The black-and-white selfie challenge in Turkey

  3. How Uighur forced labor is feeding the clothing industry

  4. Elderly Couple Takes On Machete-Wielding Robbers

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  5. Trump vs. Obama on Voting

  6. The feud over the new stimulus deal, explained

  7. Barack Obama gives powerful eulogy at funeral for John Lewis

  8. Free tattoo removal to transform lives

  9. "Guilty" or "Innocent" according to Trump

  10. "Wall of Moms": Portland mother on why she protests

  11. Timeline: Trump's prognosis of the COVID-19 crisis

  12. Meanwhile, forest fires in Siberia

  13. Celebs team up to buy women's soccer team

  14. BLM protester shot and killed in Texas

  15. AOC responds to Rep. Yoho

  16. Donald Trump vs. Science

  17. Texas congressman Al Green stands with AOC

  18. #TBT: Freedom Riders

  19. 5 moments that changed J. Balvin's life

  20. Federal crackdown on Portland

  21. Kanye's Rallying Cry

  22. The Life of Harriet Tubman

  23. What does the "party of Lincoln" represent?

  24. Donald Trump and house appliances

  25. Timeline: The Dakota Access Pipeline

  26. Republican governors divided over mask mandates

  27. Bill Gates’ Wake-Up Call

  28. Duel: Defund vs. Reform the police

  29. #TBT: Obama on the death penalty

  30. Trump vs. Biden on building the economy

  31. The controversial history of the "Redskins"

  32. The NRDC is fighting to keep our air clean

  33. Trump and face masks, a timeline

  34. How the media affects our perception of protests

  35. The Life of Frida Kahlo

  36. Why Jane Roe flipped sides on abortion law

  37. Back-to-school photos in France go viral

  38. #IamVanessaGuillén, the military's #MeToo

  39. Rats are taking over city streets, as lockdowns continue

  40. Trump 2020 campaign's main targets

  41. Teenage sexual assault survivors speak up on TikTok

  42. Elijah McClain's case under fresh scrutiny amid protests against police brutality

  43. Ron DeSantis vs. Ron DeSantis on Covid-19

  44. COVID-19 is revealing the central role of cars in American cities

  45. Joe Biden vs. Donald Trump on coronavirus

  46. Coronavirus: New York vs. Texas

  47. Sister of Black trans woman Riah Milton speaks out after her death

  48. What are Asian giant hornets?

  49. Rutger Bregman on his viral tax speech in Davos

  50. Living while black: What the Central Park incident reveals

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