• Driss C.
    04/30/2019 17:53


  • Henry C.
    04/21/2019 15:04

    What a pity that the f#ck1n6 cathedral didn't burn until have been reduced to ashes. There are millions of people starving out there! There is not even a cent for them? What a bunch of hypocrites!

  • MouNir H.
    04/21/2019 11:33

    The dumbest president France ever had

  • Neba J.
    04/20/2019 09:18

    It's a symbol of white power.

  • Rhonda H.
    04/19/2019 18:53

    11.3 million ?

  • Neel P.
    04/19/2019 18:43

    For liberals who don't like this You guys would've given your life savings if this happened to mosque to show " gesture of goodwill" There are some leftis who even hate themselves

  • Bornin D.
    04/19/2019 16:53

    I think that France burned this notre dame because they wanna rebuild it just to benefit from donation...now they receive more donations for built France it self hhhhhh foolish world .....try to built values and morals because if it goes no need for building....... I don't know why I don't trust france...

  • Iskander A.
    04/19/2019 16:41

    how about pledging to contribute millions to see hunger and poverty gone and make a smile on people who are in need ??

  • Soren J.
    04/19/2019 11:12

    How about give better wages to your employees. I have nothing against donating to fix the damge, however I think their are far more important world issues to address! I also take issue with glorifying billionaires for their generosity. If you still have hundreds of millions/ billions after giving away a couple hundred million you are still not generous in my book.

  • Ousman D.
    04/19/2019 10:56

    They donated millions for Notre Dame but nothing for the people who are dying from hunger. That proves they have no value for the humanity

  • Med B.
    04/19/2019 09:27

    And kids are starving in yemen and syria

  • Say J.
    04/19/2019 09:26

    What about Harambe?!?!?!?!

  • Evelyne C.
    04/19/2019 07:05

    Je n'arrive plus a croire en ses discours

  • Jim J.
    04/19/2019 07:04

    I'd like to know if there's any Muslim donors,???

  • Jim J.
    04/19/2019 07:03

    Find a way to make it work for your community... France has enough cash!!

  • Daz U.
    04/19/2019 06:07

    So God stood by and let one of his churches burn down. Interesting

  • Dawn J.
    04/19/2019 05:47

    Feed starving children! The church is rich enough.

  • Shelly R.
    04/19/2019 05:43

    It's unfortunate, no doubt, but in the big picture- it's a building. Our planet & many animal species are dying right now, this very minute... could we perhaps throw millions of dollars & rally around that instead?

  • محمد ا.
    04/19/2019 03:55

    كلب فلوس 🤑🤑🤑🤑

  • محمد ا.
    04/19/2019 03:54


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