• Helen O.
    08/09/2021 14:15

    they are on vacation !

  • Shekaina S.
    08/08/2021 02:36

    Sooo cleaaannnnn 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Kellie B.
    08/05/2021 21:50

    This one is better

  • Rhenna C.
    08/04/2021 10:08

    the most exciting part is probably trying all the dishes from different countries 😍🤤

  • Niel R.
    08/04/2021 08:15

    chuya ya

  • Win C.
    08/04/2021 02:39

    Japan thought of everything..they went all out for the athletes! Great host! Way to go!

  • Linh L.
    08/03/2021 14:44

    omg đãaaa

  • Princy P.
    08/03/2021 09:36

    looks interesting

  • Blair G.
    08/02/2021 04:22

    But you might not be eating beef it might be human cannibalism.

  • Blair G.
    08/02/2021 04:20

    Pandemic aside the country always was germaphobic so everything must be normal

  • David D.
    08/01/2021 18:40

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  • Waifumu J.
    08/01/2021 14:57

    I hope there's free condom for a safe play 🤧

  • KE F.
    08/01/2021 14:54

    This is not what all the athletes are saying about life in the olympic village. Not even close.

  • The I.
    08/01/2021 14:17

    A real video about this would be on Pornhub.