Animal fighting rages on

Dogs, roosters, and even camels fighting. Around the world, people still organize animal fights for betting or entertainment.

For the purpose of human entertainment, wagering, or sport

Dog fighting

Meanwhile in Brazil, the police have dismantled an international dog fighting ring. 19 pitbulls, some of them in serious condition, were rescued. 40 people were arrested on this property. They come from several countries in which dogs are used for fighting. Others compete in this arena where people from all over the world place illegal online bets. According to Associated Press, there is a “macabre ritual” of serving barbecued dog meat to the spectators during the fight. The suspects have all been released on bail.


While cockfighting is now illegal all over the world, in some countries it is still tolerated in the name of tradition: In some French regions such as the Hauts-de-France or Reunion Island, in the Dominican Republic, in Madagascar, cockfighting in Madagascar, is stuck between tradition and excess or in Southeast Asian countries such as here in the Philippines. Cockfighting consists of placing two roosters in a ring, whose spurs are often cut off and replaced by a blade. These animals, which have a fairly natural tendency to fight, are trained for combat and fed like sportsmen for several months before fight. The fights usually last 5 minutes and stop when one of the two roosters die or is knocked out. Bets are placed on the winner. In some countries, cockfighting is a business in its own right: in Puerto Rico, it allegedly represents between 11,000 and 27,000 direct jobs. Congress has passed a bill to ban this practice on this island, which will be effective by the end of the year.

Camel fighting in Turkey

Tekdemir is one of thousands of people who come to watch a camel fighting in Turkey. A very popular show during the winter. The fights only last a few minutes and there is no money at stake. The winner is the camel that manages to knock the other one down or make it run away. According to the camel riders, this ancestral practice, which is also found in Pakistan, is not dangerous for the animals. Camels are always males during breeding season and are presented as trophies by their owners. They are specifically selected, bred and trained for these fights. Animal welfare associations in Turkey believe this practice should be prohibited. Between December 2018 and March 2019, 90 fights were organized in the western part of the country.


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  • Vaishali G.
    08/23/2021 07:50

    Where are these human species going. Sad v sad

  • Sharon M.
    05/19/2020 17:26


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    05/19/2020 17:10


  • Brenda P.
    05/19/2020 16:56

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    05/19/2020 14:39

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    05/19/2020 14:09

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    05/19/2020 08:49

    Sick people that need to be put in a ring

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    05/18/2020 18:53

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    05/18/2020 12:22


  • Zenira D.
    05/17/2020 23:47

    Apezar de este vídeo ser do começo do ano eu creio quê as providências para por todos esses animais já foram tomadas, más o triste disso tudo é que ainda existem lugares e desumanos como esses vagabundos quê não foram descoberto e os animais continuam sendo mutilados por inconsequência. 😢😢

  • Zenira D.
    05/17/2020 23:42

    Esses bando de Cornos fdp hão de morrer da pior maneira ,más antes eu creio quê Deus fará a sua justiça sobre eles ainda aqui na terra em meio à muitos sofrimementos ,Eles que aguardem para sentir o peso das mãos de Deus quê será doloroso eu creio.😢😢😢

  • Sharon M.
    05/17/2020 22:06

    Stupid society stupid people

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    05/17/2020 12:34

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    05/17/2020 09:28

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  • Barbara P.
    05/17/2020 05:17

    The people who do these horrible things are demonic creatures. My heart brakes for the animals.

  • Melody W.
    05/17/2020 02:47

    That's illegal

  • Gail G.
    05/17/2020 01:52

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    05/16/2020 22:31

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    05/16/2020 21:43

    Ma perché non combattono loro??? Bastardi sfruttatori schifosi,, vi seccherei tutti!!!

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