Are these animal rescue videos for real?

These viral rescue videos may be staged, but the suffering of the animals is all too real. Here’s what you need to know before sharing these “fake” rescue videos …

07/31/2021 7:58 PM


  • Chance O.
    01/13/2022 01:22

  • Chance O.
    01/13/2022 01:13

    They are absolutely all set up, but not "purely for entertainment", as she stated. There are lots of them that are monetized on YouTube and people are making lots of money from them. Vietnam is a hot spot for creating these videos. Instead of demonetizing or banning these videos, YouTube has actually age restricted some of the videos that have called out these videos and creators for being fake and abusing animals. YouTube has some disgusting double standards. Many of the videos involve domesticated animals, especially puppies and kittens. The same animals can be found in multiple videos being "rescued" repeatedly in a matter of days. Nick Crowley on YouTube does a great job of documenting the abuse and providing solid proof of the abuse and the staged situations.

  • Mitch P.
    11/23/2021 03:20

    Blame Facebook too, for pushing these videos!!

  • Rodney C.
    11/23/2021 02:08

    That’s wrong

  • Leah C.
    11/23/2021 01:31

    They are sickening I could see what they were doing immediately!!🤬

  • Kristi K.
    11/23/2021 01:23


  • Dennis P.
    11/22/2021 19:41


  • Julian J.
    11/22/2021 16:25

    Those people are sick man

  • Beau M.
    11/22/2021 06:51

    I have tried to report several of these videos for animal abuse, or animal fighting, and facebook just shrugs it off.

  • Jorge V.
    11/22/2021 02:15

    Humans are the meanest and cruelest beasts on earth

  • Frederick H.
    11/21/2021 20:24

    coma will come to all those who do👿😈👽 work!

  • Richard P.
    11/21/2021 16:26

    Then stop watching the videos you don’t watch they get no views and then there video gets taken down simple easy stupid

  • Kevin D.
    11/21/2021 06:47

    Anyone who couldn’t tell is very naive.

  • Chell L.
    11/20/2021 22:30

    Where is he👀I just wanna talk

  • Takeshi S.
    11/20/2021 14:34

    These people need to be put into jail

  • Erubiel V.
    11/20/2021 13:21

    Yeah i have always believed that

  • Rusty L.
    11/20/2021 11:27

    Remember when koko the gorrilla told us In the 70’s that humans stupid need to change for nature. Nature everything but human stupid and don’t listen. Now How did a gorilla know that unless she was truly connected with nature. Now we should’ve listened. So sad we watch all the failed lessons from history and learn absolutely nothing.

  • Terry F.
    11/20/2021 09:16


  • Candy J.
    11/20/2021 04:35

    If Facebook would ban these maybe it will stop iv turned in many and get told that's OK in Facebook eyes for monkeys, cats,dogs, birds and every thing else that its OK wake up Facebook stop this animal abuse

  • Brenda D.
    11/20/2021 02:26

    This needs to stop, it's horrific abuse and these people filming it should be thrown in jail!!

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