• Xaawo M.
    08/14/2018 18:53


  • Jonathan Y.
    08/13/2018 06:33

    Omg yes

  • Otty R.
    07/25/2018 22:02


  • Khelan A.
    07/24/2018 17:03

    Tka Akram 😌

  • ေထြး ည.
    07/24/2018 02:40


  • Steve K.
    07/22/2018 19:34

    Tear down the stairs!? I was stationed on the island in the mid 60’s in the Army and even then the site was not used much.

  • Ximena P.
    07/20/2018 23:09

    imagínense subir todo eso las tres 😂😓😂

  • Mohamed A.
    07/15/2018 18:46


  • Farooq A.
    07/12/2018 14:09


  • Khole S.
    07/11/2018 18:01

    One of my dream place to visit

  • Marina F.
    07/10/2018 12:09

    Why not make it legal if hikers wanna go anyway? Unless they keep it that way coz they earn more because of the fines the "trespassers" have to pay 🙊

  • Estrella M.
    07/09/2018 21:25

    Huy Que miedo

  • Jhenny V.
    07/09/2018 14:55

    bebe .. take me here please..😊

  • Jorge S.
    07/07/2018 20:44

    What`s problem???

  • Enma S.
    07/06/2018 22:45

    Que belleza la naturaleza😍

  • Marieke M.
    07/06/2018 12:23

    If you are looking for more info, you can also read this petition Patrick van Veen (Jane Goodall foundation) made. https://www.thepetitionsite.com/nl-nl/203/661/696/stop-animal-cruelty-amp-neglect-oostvaardersplassen-netherlands/?_sp=e773b19a-3e1b-4548-9054-c2b40577fae5.1523971979014

  • Marieke M.
    07/06/2018 12:23

    Dear reader, I hope it is okay, and the right way, to contact you. We are a Dutch group of almost 74500 people who are fighting for a large group of animals (horses, deer and cattle) who are locked up in de Oostvaardersplassen in the Netherlands without any form of care. When we feed the animals or try to provide them medical care, we get fined by police. The Dodo and Dear Miss Jane Goodall already showed her support and sympathy too. We really need to bring in international pressure now, because it looks like we are losing our battle. Can you please find some time to look at our FB page and see what is happening right now in the Netherlands? Please feel free to contact me if you are looking for more information or if you want me to bring you in contact with Cynthia or Annemieke (the 2 Olympic sports girls who started this big rescue plan) Thank you so much in advance. Kind regards, Marieke Merlijn 🙏 https://www.facebook.com/groups/609452909390002/

  • Manzoor E.
    07/06/2018 10:05


  • Sergio H.
    07/06/2018 05:45


  • Kay M.
    07/03/2018 20:08

    ...you seen this?

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