Back-to-school photos in France go viral

This viral photo taken in a French school playground once the lockdown was over shows what the new normal will be for children amid the Covid-19 outbreak.

05/18/2020 12:28 PM
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  • Mera I.
    21 hours

    Thank you China....

  • Chris L.
    a day

    This is sad all because some idiot has experimented with some think that's invected the whole world

  • Jenna M.
    2 days

    This for a virus with .1% death rate

  • David V.
    2 days

    heel erg dit

  • Yasmina K.
    2 days


  • Karen T.
    2 days

    ...this just cannot become normal life for our kids! This is soul destroying! 😔😔

  • Maria S.
    2 days

    I'm a nursery practitioner, and the thought of not hugging an upset child makes me really sad 😔

  • Sharon C.
    2 days

    I have 6 great grandbabies and I HATE what this world is offering up to them for THEIR formative years! it's beyond my comprehension!

  • Jo A.
    2 days

    My hart is 💔😢

  • Rhonette R.
    3 days


  • Penny R.
    3 days

    Its terrible looks like prison poor children

  • Marilyn C.
    3 days

    This is stupid, just stay home!!

  • Deborah O.
    3 days

    Sad 😔

  • Diane M.
    3 days

    That is just mean you're doing damage to the children

  • Easter S.
    3 days

    I think the school is trying their best to do their part during this pandemic. Just the thought of getting your kid tested with covid-19 scares me. Spanish flu lasted for at least 15 month. So I think I'll just do whatever it takes to stay safe.

  • Rea M.
    4 days


  • Linh V.
    4 days

    Watch this

  • Luisa M.
    4 days

    Breaks my heart !!! Kids are suppose to fell Touch have emotions play laughter smile giggle with their friends run scream ... I personally find it cruel! Kids in Sweden they never stop going to kindergarten & Primary ( have my own Gkids) they are happy & Healthy. More hygiene required but they are not separated. Makes me really sad 😞

  • Joey G.
    5 days

    We are wired to socialize and to bring love to one another! That's why we feel so great when we cuddle with our loved ones😊 there's a reason in prison they punish prisoners in solitary confinement which has been known to drive some people insane. Ijs

  • Paula M.
    5 days

    this is France, find this very sad. Watch it xx