Ban on barbaric lion hunting in Africa

South Africa just banned hunting lions in captivity. Before the ban, here's how lions were bred to be shot down by tourists...

05/07/2021 12:30 PM


  • Jayde E.
    06/26/2021 17:47

    She's disgusting talking like the only point , of saveing they'd baby's is so that authentic hunting can exist , scabby cow

  • Brenda B.
    06/21/2021 08:17


  • Raven O.
    06/17/2021 20:31

    If they gonna hunt let them in the enclosure so the lions can eat them. Hate hunters

  • Carol L.
    06/15/2021 11:58

    That would be wonderful to have it banned👍

  • Grazie M.
    06/15/2021 07:24

    Yet they will still allow those hunters to hunt in the wild... Hmm....maybe they're more worried about the profit rather than the lion's welfare.

  • Manny D.
    06/14/2021 09:29


  • Ryan F.
    06/14/2021 00:04

    If I may Devils advocate...? Lions span a vast area and everyday poaching is a thing and won't stop human nature when your a desperate family. Poverty means something different when you don't live in a first world. So, what to do? ... Section off a "few" as cattle. Rich Folk who go for that sort of thing pay big buck's for "the privilege" to hunt for whatever trophy. Which directly supports anti poaching patrols and conservation.

  • Michelle D.
    06/13/2021 17:24


  • Ignacio C.
    06/13/2021 15:04

    Insane… amazing… in this time ,is not a international institution them can STOP, that……is unreal…….amazing…..shame of the international institutions…..if is somebody paying 38000 dollars to hunt , just for pleasure ……that means somebody is behind that……corruption…….is sad …is hypocrisy …..sad but is truth

  • Mehrdad P.
    06/13/2021 14:17

    ”Supplie a product...” disscusting... So wich is worse, killing handbreed lions or wild.....this world have become insane and the rest of the creation is just seen as product...

  • Emiel L.
    06/13/2021 09:15

    You know what would be even tougher, trophy hunters? Shoot each other, worthless cowards.

  • Ghislaine B.
    06/12/2021 17:25


  • David W.
    06/12/2021 13:45

    It took them until mid-2021 to get here?

  • Ovidiu D.
    06/12/2021 07:38


  • John C.
    06/11/2021 23:48

    I am sure it is much better to kill a wild one

  • Andy C.
    06/11/2021 16:38

    Disgraceful humans 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • Lilla L.
    06/11/2021 14:32

    Far too late but at least some achievement now.

  • Manju S.
    06/11/2021 09:09

    Pl ban such sports all over the countries animals are not humans slaves they r more intelligent but r caught in the humans viscous web to be killed hope humans realise how u were caught in covid web what we do will come back to us here we have the heaven nd hell walk the path u choose but don't make animals ur target kill urself for ur hobbies

  • Nathan B.
    06/11/2021 09:01

    What's the point of hunting lions in captivity? You've proven nothing! A real hunter would do this in the wild. And before you animal lovers ( usually more than humans)jump all over me, i think hunting that doesn't involve using the meat for food is wrong.

  • Grazyna S.
    06/11/2021 07:14

    Jakie to ❤ Cudowne zwierzątko

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