Bangladesh: sea turtles trapped in massive wave of plastic waste

Meanwhile in Bangladesh, locals are trying to rescue sea turtles that are trapped in a giant wave of plastic...

07/17/2020 4:08 PMupdated: 07/17/2020 4:10 PM


  • John J.
    2 days

    Shame on us

  • Channon C.
    08/06/2020 20:51

    Amazing people. Blessings to them and the turtles they saved

  • Bryan G.
    07/30/2020 23:20

    How sad but if you saw plastic bottle what was made by ? What country ?

  • Pramit P.
    07/26/2020 11:44

    Humans don't deserve thia planet.. Mother nature is cleaning up, restoring itself.. Its just a matter of time when somthing big happens..

  • Noel F.
    07/25/2020 13:31

    El yeico

  • Tamati W.
    07/25/2020 05:53


  • Debabrata R.
    07/23/2020 21:00

    Cheers for our brothers....making so much effort! Come on guys...u can make it! All the best

  • Monjurul H.
    07/23/2020 19:16

    India and Unilever is responsible for this 😡

  • Barbara C.
    07/23/2020 13:41


  • Linda P.
    07/23/2020 12:37

    Sadly, many countries have been selling their recycling to other countries with outcomes of dumping the waste in our oceans. The volume is so great and so persistent to result in washing up on shores and killing ocean residents. We need to pay attention to this practice and begin to reduce our own waste and how it is “recycled”.

  • Nika N.
    07/23/2020 03:38


  • Rajeshwar R.
    07/23/2020 02:57

  • Tamika B.
    07/22/2020 23:18

    , we were just talking about this

  • Thomas M.
    07/22/2020 12:20

    May we be careful with the use of PLASTICS as it is not only a disaster for humans, but the TURTLES, fishes and all other animals too. Love you. As always, Dr. T. Matthews.

  • Karen E.
    07/22/2020 10:28

    How destructive humans have become.

  • Veekay V.
    07/22/2020 09:37


  • Rajbala S.
    07/22/2020 09:22

    I don’t take plastic bags from shopkeepers. I carry my own fabric bag.

  • Mantenas A.
    07/22/2020 09:09

    Boom boom this place😡😡😡

  • Ashok K.
    07/22/2020 08:05

    We would really appreciate of the rescue their illegal immigrants doing criminal activities in india They are bigger problem than covid, global warming

  • Sandipa L.
    07/22/2020 07:56

    So sad. When will humans realise the damage they are doing to wildlife and the environment.. let's stop being so bloody selfish

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