Beer is at Risk Due to Climate Change 😱🍻

Well, now we have to do something — beer is at risk due to climate change. 😱🍻

12/14/2018 7:05 PM
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  • John E.
    12/14/2018 19:06

    I love beer

  • Janna M.
    12/14/2018 19:22

    This why we can't get everyone on board

  • Mandy S.
    12/14/2018 19:25

    Alcohol is the devil's drink! 😂😂

  • Arsalan K.
    12/14/2018 19:31

    Im 21 nd didnt taste beer it tastes

  • Reba V.
    12/14/2018 19:58

    Climate change may be a part of it...but tariffs hurt too.

  • Isaiah E.
    12/14/2018 20:08

    Libs so desperate they turning to beer 🤣🤣🤣

  • Michael B.
    12/14/2018 20:08

    Sorry not buy your bull shit today maybe you wake up and realize one thing climate is a natural change and has been for years but it has nothing to do with this UN bull shit your trying to post! We all know it is a corrupt lie to take money for your own evil war!

  • Larry N.
    12/14/2018 21:16

    You leftist are so easily swayed into believing junk science.. like all the various genders suddenly discovered.. or that cow farts are melting the polar ice caps.. or now that beer is at risk because of the HOAX of man made global cooling.. uh, I mean man made global warming.. uh I mean man made climate change.. just to name a few. How sad. How frighteningly sad for you. You should take a clue from Paris burning. The middle class will NOT accept your idiocy after you implement it into law. Get a clue Brut.

  • Fidan M.
    12/14/2018 22:00


  • Miakel R.
    12/14/2018 23:02

    I bet all the drunk Budweiser drinking sloppy Trump supporters would urge Trump to get back into French Accord.

  • Kiana T.
    12/15/2018 00:53

    noooooooooooo not my beer !

  • Robert P.
    12/15/2018 00:59

    Everyone need to stop drinking so I dont run out 🤣🤣

  • Mark A.
    12/15/2018 05:14

    Now I’ll take it seriously. Not really, I’m old, don’t care.

  • Michael C.
    12/15/2018 11:59

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  • Joshua B.
    12/15/2018 19:19

    Already paying double for beer in Alaska. This doesn’t shake me 😂

  • Eric B.
    12/15/2018 23:43

    Oh no, not beer, now they'll be 20,000 less alcohol related crashes/deaths down south, whatever will we do.

  • Carmine F.
    12/16/2018 02:38

    You got to be f****** kidding me right really want me to believe this

  • Danny H.
    12/16/2018 02:50

    No more Coffee? Sure! No more Chocolate? Dang it. No more Beer? You mean, less fucking retards causing accidents because they STILL haven't understood the "DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE!"? I'll take it.

  • Kailas H.
    12/16/2018 16:38

    Eh. As long as I still have vodka I'm good.

  • Eric C.
    12/16/2018 17:31

    Forget the chocolate and beer, I want my coffee..😭