Blankets of Hope and Brut Bring Warmth to NYC

In 2016, two brothers quit their jobs to spread warmth to NYC’s homeless people. Now, they aim to hand out 20,000 blankets by the end of 2019. This is what happened when Blankets of Hope teamed up with Brut.

Brut. for Good

Blankets of Hope is a small operation with some lofty goals. In 2016, brothers Mike and Nick Fiorito quit their jobs to hand out 100 blankets to homeless people in New York City. Since then, they’ve scaled up dramatically — handing out thousands of blankets a year by partnering with schools. To date they've delivered 15,000 blankets and worked with over 100 schools in the U.S., Mexico and Canada.

Every child that participates in Blankets of Hope actually goes through this kindness workshop where they put themselves in the perspective of someone who's homeless and they practice empathy. And they actually feel with their hearts and their minds what it's like to be living on the streets. And after they do that, they'll each write a handwritten note, attach them to their blankets. But as we continue to have a conversation with them and we hand them that handwritten note, that's the thing that really creates this transformation within them. Like, they appreciate the blanket and they feel warm. But once that note gets in their hand and they read it, and they realize that someone, another human being actually took time to write that for them — And they read it, and they realize that someone out there truly cares with their time and their energy. Their whole demeanor changes. What I've learned is that when we give them the blanket of hope, they really appreciate the blanket because it's freezing outside, and it keeps them warm,” the Fiorito brothers tell Brut.

They're now collaborating with companies that have philanthropy programs like Brut. for Good. By participating in "kindness workshops," companies also sponsor students across the country — spreading a message of empathy that goes beyond a single blanket.


12/03/2019 11:19 AM


  • Plowdeniz H.
    02/01/2020 03:00

    Wonderful, cuties with a heart!

  • Cruz A.
    02/01/2020 02:05

    When charity becomes a business I don't know what to think.

  • Caridad C.
    01/28/2020 14:15

    my blessings to all

  • Lisa C.
    01/23/2020 02:04

    They must had no bills to pay to quit there jobs

  • Silvia Z.
    01/19/2020 19:25

    God Bless Y'all

  • Nydia J.
    01/19/2020 10:23

    Bless their caring hearts

  • Derikson W.
    01/19/2020 07:26

    Trying to Sleep cold causes brain damage. These people deserve recognition. Not just from us but the heavens

  • Tony L.
    01/17/2020 21:49

    BLanket oF hOpe stop recording yalls just want publicity and its makes me sick

  • Lidia S.
    01/16/2020 12:22

    This works too

  • Lidia S.
    01/16/2020 12:22

    What would be awesome is a Roman blanket

  • Brenda C.
    01/16/2020 07:19

    They need to come down to Lawrence Massachusetts cuz we shore have a lot of homeless here

  • Pam D.
    01/14/2020 00:12

    Let's do something nice but make sure to film it

  • Delia G.
    01/12/2020 23:06

    Abersi el presidente Trump hace algo hací el que tiene tanto dinero 💰

  • Devin H.
    01/12/2020 12:44

    Instead of a blanket, how about you help them find work and a place to stay.

  • Scott C.
    01/12/2020 10:09

    Great idea! And great business model. All those kids=free labor

  • Sulma V.
    01/12/2020 08:18

    Tendran dinero o son ricos..🤔🤗

  • Danika T.
    01/11/2020 17:56

    Made me cry! The homeless rate is skyrocketing. I've been homeless and wish their was more ppl like you. Their is hope in this world thank you guys.

  • Carisa C.
    01/10/2020 22:53

    Prayers 🙏 God Bless,Just The Other Day I Gave A Homeless Lady A $1.5O For Bus Fair When I Was Leaving The Store She Was Asking Someone Else In A Car To

  • Tara L.
    01/08/2020 06:51

    You should def keep helping the homeless, but stop recording it. Do you really think they want to be plastered on social media for their hardship? Kinda cruel......

  • Linda V.
    01/08/2020 01:54

    add socks

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