• Melanie F.
    08/11/2017 14:55

    After getting stuck in the New Orleans flood, I think it has less to do with the climate change and more to do with the fact that the city is basically located at the base of a giant bowl. It just rains a lot here.

  • Gabrielle E.
    08/10/2017 17:02

    Wow don't read these comments in here it will ruin your day.

  • Heather M.
    08/10/2017 14:56

    Oh pigs (_(_)

  • Chad B.
    08/10/2017 14:24

    Wow democracts r nuts!!!!!!!!! Haaaaaaaaaaaa stupid

  • Richard P.
    08/10/2017 13:57

    lol..you people are stupid climate change is part of our planet it changes all the time and will continue to do so regardless of what we do or not ....the scientist you talk about are stupid and just paid by the evil fuckes anting to rule ..to have a propaganda to be able to get money and power ...this whole climate change scare tactic is nothing more than that a scare tactic ..but hey they are a lot of stupid liberals out there ...

  • Keeyah P.
    08/10/2017 13:50

    Good we need a reset button 😒

  • Brut
    08/10/2017 13:45

    *Correction: the mudslide from the beginning of the video is actually from Parowan, UT on August 7 2017.

  • Erica C.
    08/10/2017 13:12

    this may help since you had questions

  • Samantha D.
    08/10/2017 13:03

    I just don't understanding the reasoning. Even if you don't believe in climate change why wouldn't you want to take care of where you live and cause as little damage as possible? 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Sylenth S.
    08/10/2017 13:02

    Bullshit and y'all know it climate change my ass

  • Halston K.
    08/10/2017 11:42

    It's not climate change, it's the air force playing around with the weather. And before anyone says that's crazy the air force has already admitted to weather manipulation

  • Reginald E.
    08/10/2017 10:23

    Why would Trump care about that he tryna but a walls in kill people in China.

  • Travis C.
    08/10/2017 07:34

    That last clip was taken like 3 years ago!

  • Felix R.
    08/10/2017 05:28

    It's Called Mother Nature. Something that is going to happen regardless.

  • Marcus J.
    08/10/2017 04:22

    Greenhouse gas my ass.

  • Amber J.
    08/10/2017 04:06

    Christian Loza

  • Sam P.
    08/10/2017 03:51


  • Shantala L.
    08/10/2017 03:51

    What Samuel Lil Bruty Parson

  • Edgar F.
    08/10/2017 03:44

    William Sigler

  • Sam P.
    08/10/2017 03:44


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