Colorized photo of Auschwitz victim

This colorized photo of a Holocaust victim has given new life to her memory and others who suffered through one of the darkest chapters of the 20th century.

03/25/2018 4:58 PMupdated: 01/29/2020 2:31 PM


  • David N.
    6 days

    That sad

  • Mark O.
    6 days

    It will be the UK in 2 or 3 years

  • Maureen F.
    02/25/2021 15:02

    So sad 💔

  • Richard T.
    02/24/2021 19:14

    People are still capable of this today. Ilhan Omar, AOC, Bernie Sanders and many others are very capable of this..Omar would not even hesitate

  • Jayne H.
    02/21/2021 18:41

    You cannot even imagine.the torture.pain.and other monstaties these people went through!!! They must of been strong people! I believe there is a god.but how can he of not interviened ??? My friend at school.parents met in a camp.they bear the tatoee marks on there hands. My friend commented.her parent's never spoke about the camp.and the evil acts that they endured.but she did tell me.that her dad.would scream.with nightmares.overnight ..

  • Rocio A.
    02/19/2021 15:06

    Poor baby..😔😔

  • Lisbeth D.
    02/19/2021 08:26

    I saw her photo at camp,very sad 💔

  • Edila L.
    02/19/2021 00:04

    God's chosen people Jews and Christians on Earth born so that we could not repeat history twice

  • Pauline H.
    02/17/2021 16:34

    was sooo soon sad

  • Margaret R.
    02/16/2021 18:35

    May they all rest in peace

  • Sandy T.
    02/16/2021 03:56

    This is why NO ONE SHOULD EVER BE ALLOWED TO HAVE A WHITE SUPPREMESSIST Word flag or of There wise in the US of A. Get wise people the new furor is gone

  • Linda E.
    02/15/2021 17:53

    I’ve seen this a dozen times.💔. Wish I could have saved you sweet girl

  • Nancy K.
    02/15/2021 05:06

    If only I could take away some of this pain.. I so wish there was a way.. this picture of this beautiful young girl who deserved none of this hatred and are so lovely and never forgotten. Yom Hoshoah!

  • Ellen B.
    02/14/2021 16:30

    It’s unthinkable how any humans could have such a warped mind, they couldn’t have been a normal human, God Bless all the Survivors 🙏🏼😔😢

  • Stephen J.
    02/14/2021 08:15

    People still love Germany!😡

  • Suzanne H.
    02/13/2021 10:34

    I bet they don't show that in German schools. We should never ever forget, and never ever allow this to happen again, anywhere in the world.

  • Tamara F.
    02/13/2021 02:46

    I would give my life for this child to live...if only I could

  • Sandra E.
    02/12/2021 22:27

    God bless her little heart , so barbaric . She didn't deserve that , no one did . God bless them all .

  • Elizabeth L.
    02/11/2021 14:25

    Pure evil what happened to all tbese innocent people.NEVER FORGET

  • Jan A.
    02/10/2021 13:43

    I dearly wish I could contact those who suffered at the hands of a hateful, arrogant regime. The vicious planning to exterminate millions of innocent men, women and children is so abhorrent. Although I have read many true stories of what went on, I remain at a loss to begin to understand such wickedness. R.I.P.

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