Colorized photo of Auschwitz victim

This colorized photo of a Holocaust victim has given new life to her memory and others who suffered through one of the darkest chapters of the 20th century.

03/25/2018 4:58 PMupdated: 01/29/2020 2:31 PM


  • Ruth W.
    2 days

    Lord NEVER again 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Steve H.
    3 days


  • Betty T.
    3 days

    Heart breaking

  • Richard C.
    4 days

    That Mambo Hitler kill millions of ppl. Horryfing

  • Jacqueline B.
    4 days

    Never forget

  • Wendy P.
    4 days

    Poland had a lot of people who betrayed the Jews and knew what was happening and did nothing. Some Poles were very brave and helped.

  • Greg W.
    4 days

    Puts me in mind of the victim photos in the Khmer Rouge prisons

  • Deb L.
    5 days

    Those of you who believe the holocaust. Didnthappen watch this vidio then tell me it didn't happen

  • Milca B.
    6 days

    Thank heaven their is a GOD ‼‼‼‼‼😥😠

  • Lisa B.
    6 days

    The tragedy of the holocaust is something that never, ever needs to be forgotten.

  • Kathy W.
    7 days

    That poor child!

  • Brett R.
    7 days

    Why is it when you look through the comments some have been filtered out? Why?did someone say somthing that violats face books onesided standards.

  • Ēhtesham A.
    10/24/2020 13:08


  • Lee G.
    10/24/2020 05:57

    جهنم خالدين فيها ابدان نعلت الله عليكم لي يوم دين يا نجسه متسولين منعولين في دونيا قبل آخره هيكل عبرانين كنعانين نجسه حيونات تذكرو جيدان كم قتلتم من مستضعفين مسلمين عبر العصور و في سنين اخيراه ربيع عبري ووووو حقدكم علي كلمت لا إله لا ألله وحده لا شريك له لا تنفع يا ذوباب نجس

  • David W.
    10/24/2020 03:57

    God bless her God bless her your place is the place were he wished he went your in God's arms

  • Asc G.
    10/24/2020 02:51

    Muy triste pero muy triste 😞 esto, no puedo creer semejante salvajismo y tanto odio de un ser humano contra otro ser humano 😞. No me cabe en mi cabeza porque habrá gente con tanta maldad en el mundo.😔😞

  • Kathy B.
    10/23/2020 23:13


  • Kathy B.
    10/23/2020 23:13

    We shud nevar forget🥵

  • Mijz A.
    10/23/2020 18:38

    wow so sad...

  • Onuwdiwo B.
    10/23/2020 06:32

    God bless Israel

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