Coronavirus: NYC restaurants shut down

"We need help immediately. If there's any way to survive as a small business, we need to be rescued." New York City restaurants are struggling to stay afloat during the coronavirus shutdown.

NYC restaurant industry fighting coronavirus

What is happening?

The shutdown in New York City because of the coronavirus is crushing the restaurant industry. There are around 37,000 restaurants in the area that employed about 300,000 people that earned around $13 billion annually. Restaurants are now limited to delivery and takeout only. As a result of this development, many restaurants have been forced to cut down worker hours or staff members in order to keep their doors open. Despite their best efforts, many restaurants are choosing to close their doors to all types of service in order to protect their employees and customers. Business owners are asking for intervention from the city, state, or federal governments in order to keep their businesses open after the pandemic.

“Help us get us a bailout as soon as possible. Loans and grants aren’t really going to help this situation. The best thing that I could think of right now, knowing my financial situation, if the city could come in and survey everybody's rents and cut me a check or cut my landlord a check for the rent or come up with a program to basically like lower my rent long-term, six months, four months. I mean, any of that would be great. It's time for the government to step in and help small families, which is small businesses all over New York City,” the owner of Otway Samantha Safer shared with Brut.

How to prevent the virus

Since the coronavirus taskforce predicts that a coronavirus vaccine will not be perfected for another year or year and a half, it is best to start protecting oneself. Health professionals are asking citizens to stay inside and to avoid contact as much as possible with those outside of your housing or immediate circle. The mass stockpiling of medical masks are preventing workers from having the proper supplies. Other known prevention methods include rigorously and frequently washing hands, using hand sanitizer if soap is unavailable, disinfecting any and all surfaces, and preparing medicine and food supplies in case of infection.


03/26/2020 12:03 PM


  • Lei M.
    03/29/2020 07:32

    This is anywhere...situation is really bad.

  • Vijay N.
    03/28/2020 07:10

    Everywhere it is being said that, to get rid of Corona virus, stay in homes. So you want to ask everyone how we will be able to make sure that germs of corona virus are around us or not. Everyone is saying that only by keeping physical distance from each other can one get rid of the corona virus. Like all of you, I am not educated, but seeing the truth and ignoring it is not in my direction. The truth is that the common man does not have any technique by which he can determine whether there are germs of the corona virus around him. May be the germs of the corona virus are present in your food, maybe the germ of the corona virus may reach you through vegetable and fruit, maybe the germ of the corona virus can reach you through toilet paper. The truth is that this is a conspiracy and we are all caught in this conspiracy. The King of England, the Prime Minister, has modern facilities, but despite having modern technology, he has not been able to know where the corona virus virus is and where it is not. Today both of them are also infected. Can anyone tell me how long we will stay at home? The truth is that no one can say how long they will have to live in homes. Despite knowing so much, you will say that I am a fool and I am confusing the common man, but still there is no complaint from all of you. I just want to say that, if you do not work, how will you take care of the family, if you do not produce food stuff, then how will you arrange food. No country has enough indefinite food material. As a result, there will be an atmosphere of starvation and chaos all around. The country that the current government has locked up the country for an undetermined period of time wants to directly weaken the economy, trying to create an environment of unemployment and anarchy. So that the poor family, troubled by hunger and unemployment, starts committing self-murder. Such banning governments will get a chance to fulfill their unique plans. I want to ask all the friends who supported Lockdown if you have the material for an indefinite amount of time.

  • Mark F.
    03/26/2020 19:55

    if your not contributing millions to trumps campaign he could care less about you or your business...hes all about his pocketbook and his main contributors. if you can't see that your blind!!

  • Michael W.
    03/26/2020 17:09

    government should not be giving out relief, our prime minister is gonna wreck our country trying to do it.

  • Mo R.
    03/26/2020 17:07

    I for one lost my job working for a "friend" in his electrical business. It was the only job I could get because I am a felon and no one else will hire me. Now, I have been surviving on the kindness of my parents, otherwise I'd be homeless. This has been my reality for a long time now. Years off and on. So from my perspective, everyone else is simply catching up to me and all this end of the world or societal collapse, means nothing. Just another day in the life of an untouchable.

  • Пирасьон Н.
    03/26/2020 12:22

    The true virus in this earth 🌍 are human 💉💉👣👣💭💭

  • Jeremiah T.
    03/26/2020 12:19

    Don’t worry, Uncle Sam will give you a loan while handing over $500 Billion to corporations as a gift 🤬

  • Brut
    03/25/2020 22:59

    Restaurants are thinking of ways to support their staff: is accepting donations for meals to feed health care workers: And is raising funds for its laid-off staff:

  • Brut
    03/25/2020 22:58

    Special thanks to , , , & .

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